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Dec 13, 2009 10:36 PM

Staying in Marathon for 6 nights, January 2-8, 2010

Six of us (from 19-52) are driving down from VA to catch some fish, snorkel, and generally recharge. We'll be staying in a house in Marathon with a nice kitchen, but also will want to eat out a bunch. I imagine we'll spend an evening or two in Key West, but mostly we'll drive to wherever to eat, drink, and be merry. I have only been there in the summer, so don't know what to expect in January. We'd like to know good eats in general: we like everything from fish sandwiches, bbq, tacos, and chili dogs, to global food, to fine dining. Hopefully we'll catch something as well. My only good recollection is Key Fisheries...their conch salad is great and everything was super fresh and tasty every time we've been there. We'll be spending a day at Bahia Honda, and on the water a couple of days. HELP!!

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  1. You'll have to forgive my memory with names, but I'll do my best. There is a great BBQ place right by the 7 mile bridge. Also, as you mentioned GREAT very casual seafood at Keys Fisheries"--not visible from the main road. You order at a counter and they serve everything in baskets. Right on the water.

    1. Anyone else have any current recs for the area?

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        The one place we go everytime we are in Key Colony Beach is Fish Tails Market and Eatery. It's on the Atlantic side adjacent to Vaca cut and next to Captain Hooks Dive shop. Very fresh fish. We usually buy fish to cook or every once in a while eat in. Yellow tail sandwich is simple and tasty. Doesn't get better than that.