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Dec 13, 2009 09:40 PM

Restaurants in and around the Aventino

We are living in the Aventino, for six months starting in February. What are your favorite places to go? We will be on a student's budget so cheaper places are preferable, but that is not to say we will not have our splurge nights.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate all the advice I can get.

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  1. "student budget" and "Aventino" are rarely found in the same sentence. The actual Aventino has nothing. There are some OK places on viale Aventino frequented by FAO people, but what you want is Testaccio, the neighborhood at the foot of the Aventino just across via Marmorata. Search Testaccio on this board and you'll find plenty.

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      Thanks for the advice, you are always extremely helpful.

    2. The Aventino is just beautiful, but there is nowhere to eat on the hill itself. One good option down the hill is la Villetta de 1940, on the Viale Aventino. Great Cacio e Pepe. Also, on Via Marmorata is the Volpetti deli. If I lived there, I would be tempted to get carry out from the deli every night.

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        Just want to second La Villetta. I lived in that neighborhood too and La Villetta was always a good choice. A little closer to the Pyramid isTaverna Cestia - a very Roman place. A good choice if you want seafood, but they also do pizza in the evening. Da Pietro is very reasonable place for pizza and pasta. Once the weather warms up a bit, indulge yourself now and then and have coffee or ice cream at the Cafe du Parc at the bottom of the Aventine. It's a quintessential Roman experience! Also, never go to Volpetti's with more money than you can afford to spend.

      2. Trinity Rome program by any chance? There are plenty of place in Testaccio with great local food for reasonable prices and you are a pretty short walk to Trastevere with the same. Honestly, since you are there so long you will eat your way through Rome (I did).

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          Yes! I am excited for the program.
          What were your favorite places to go to on a casual night, when you didn't want to go far or spend lots of money?
          Thanks for the advice.

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            You'll have a blast. Scary thing is I was there over decade ago (the lire was still in place, the dollar was strong and food was dirt cheap) and haven't been back since. Going back next week and will give you a report of any finds (I'm staying nearby the convent on the Aventino). Don't worry you will find plenty after a week but I am gong to revisit some of my old favorites in Testaccio and Trastevere and will let you know if they still hold up.

        2. Da Bucatino is a great choice in Testaccio. Also, as the prior poster said, you'll be within walking distance of many food neighborhoods: Trastevere and the Campo de Fiori for example.

          1. the timeout website has a lot of recommendations for the area near the Aventine - Testaccio, Ostiense, Trastevere - which are not on the chowhound radar screen and cater to more economical tastes.. As others have pointed out there is nothing whatsoever on the Aventine hill itself but there are lots of places to shop and eat in Tescaccio and places to pick stuff up on the Viale Aventino. Hope you get to experience and enjoy Volpetti, Volpetti Piu (the tavola calda next door) and the Passi bakery, as well as the Testaccio market.