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Dec 13, 2009 09:15 PM

Soup Weather in San Diego

Where do you go (besides home) for a great bowl of soup?

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  1. i'm not a huge soup eater, and yes, i usually make it myself, but over the years i've discovered a couple of winners at Jimbo's - they always have about four different choices at the end of the salad bar. while some are lackluster (and others i haven't tried for various reasons), both the Miso Soup with Sea Vegetables and the Salmon Soup (broth-based, no dairy) are very good.

    i'd also suggest steering clear of the prepared soups at Whole Foods - they don't know when to quit with the salt.

    1. Vegetarian Pho at Saigon on El Cajon
      Pozole sin carne at El Comal

      Saffron's noodle soups are also pretty good.

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      1. re: Josh

        I'm a big fan of Saffron's wide noodle chicken soup.

        1. re: Josh

          Interesting...I've felt that Saffron's noodle soups on their regular menu were their weaker items. Which ones do you like?

          1. Saturday morning Menudo Blanco with incredible flour tortillas Las Cuatro Milpas

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              Pho Ga at Bolsa
              Pho Dac Biet at Lucky
              2nd Bun Bo Hue at Mien Trung
              Clam Chowder at Bristol Farms
              Siete Mares at Las Playas
              Birria De Chivo - Super Cocina
              2nd Menudo at LCM
              Hot Pot at Little Sheep - Not really soup
              Hot and Sour - China Inn - ABC guilty pleasure

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                I; just got over a sore throat and craved only hot and sour soup - great to know you like china inn's version stevuchan.

                1. re: kare_raisu

                  Glad your feeling better. The soup has a strange draw, some times I just need it, my wife on the other hand hates it and can not fathom why I like it.

            2. Pozoleria Dona Maria in Chula Juana for white Pozole...probably the best pozole in SD area.

              Birria de Chivo on Saturdays or Sundays only at El Chiapaneco, 25th & Market...marvelous.