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Dec 13, 2009 07:43 PM

msp - french macarons

I've tried the macarons at Pardon My French and Patrick's. They were both yummy, but they were so lumpy in appearance and varied by size so much that they are obviously an after-thought for both bakeries. Does anyone in the Twin Cities focus on or specialize in macarons? If not, does anyone at least make smooth, consistently-sized ones?


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  1. Although I have no problem with lumpy and irregular macarons - isn't it all about the flavor? - you should try the macarons from Sweets Bakeshop:

    They're both smooth and delicious. And, what's more important - they taste much better than Patrick's. (I can't rule on Pardon My French's version; I haven't tried them yet).

    I had these macarons first at this summer's stand at the Mill City Farmer's market (chocolate, pistachio, lemon - all wonderful). Recently, I had a lavender-lemon macaron (bought at Surdyk's) that was AMAZING.

    They have a store-front presence now, next door to Izzy's. Talk about multitasking for delicious errands!


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    1. re: AnneInMpls

      I just checked out the website. How lovely! Thanks, Anne.

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        I just sampled two of the flavors at Sweets. The texture, size, and taste were perfect. They are soft and chewy, with a slight crisp. The ones at Patrick's and Pardon My French are full of air bubbles and lumps, which creates an overly crunchy outside that shatters and crumbles when bitten into.

        Thanks for the rec, Anne!

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          Just to clarify, the people at the Sweets Bakeshop say they don't supply Surdyks with macaroons. So the source of that Lavender-Lemon macaroon is a mystery.

          But I ate a million macaroons from Sweets Bakeshop over the holidays - I really like the Basil-Mint Macaroons, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Chocolate-Chipotle Macaroons! (Not to mention the always-wonderful Salted Caramel Macaroons.)


          1. re: AnneInMpls

            And their kettlecorn cupcakes are worth the trip alone.

            1. re: AnneInMpls

              macaroons are different than macarons. Macaroons are the coconut treat while macarons are a french pastry sandwich.

              Though I suppose sometimes even the bakers in the states get the names confused. Maybe it isn't worth the clarrification.

              1. re: babaoriley7

                Clarification appreciated - it's worth making a distinction just in case. Me, I can't spell. I meant the French kind, not the coconutty kind. I shall reduce my o's in the future.


                P.S. Ditto on MSPD's shout-out for the kettlecorn cupcakes.

          2. Macarons have certainly become the sweet-of-the-moment in the last several months. They're popping up all over, like cupcakes did before them. Try them here:

            The baker here made her name on cupcakes and macarons, period.
            Sweets Bakeshop
            2042 Marshall Ave
            St Paul MN 55104
            (Also offered at Local D'Lish in Minneapolis, and at Mill City Farmers Market when it's open.)

            Nothing made here is an "afterthought"
            The Salty Tart
            Midtown Global Market
            920 East Lake Street
            Minneapolis MN 55407
            (612) 874-9206
            (Also supplying the pastry counter at Java Jacks, 46th & Bryant in Minneapolis.)

            Haven't tried these:
            Maison Darras
            401 North Robert Street
            (skyway level)
            St. Paul MN 55101
            (651) 379-2770

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            1. re: KTFoley

              I haven't seen macarons at Maison Darras, though I'll bet if you asked, they'd make you some. The husband and wife who run this lovely place are very amenable to customer suggestions. And their desserts are great - I've tried the sable' cookies (like shortbread), brownies, and chocolate-chip cookies. All lovely.

              1. re: KTFoley

                KT, my husband occasionally stops at Maison when a macaron is the only thing that will make my day. I think they may be frozen till needed-that could affect the texture. He thinks they're imported. Either way they fit the bill in a pinch!

                1. re: patnjod

                  Thanks for chiming in! I'm nowhere near the skyway during business hours but somehow it's good to know that the restaurant reviewers were right about macarons being available should one be in need. :)

              2. Such a timely post! I've been on a macaron hunt since I returned from a trip to Paris on October. I'm partial to fruit macarons--a strawberry-basil at Gerard Mulot was my favorite--so I'm disappointed that Sweets doesn't carry a basic raspberry or lemon. But I'll definitely check them out.

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                  I was at Patisserie Margo this summer and got a passion fruit/chocolate macaron.... been wanting to go back since and can't give a reasonable explanation as to why I haven't. They supposedly make pain au chocolat like they do in Paris as well. Also on my list of reasons to go back. A croissant with a bar of chocolate in the middle is not pain au chocolat.

                2. surdyks is carrying macarons - but i didn't catch who was supplying them...
                  they are always so beautiful and i always think i should nab one, but usually by that time i've got 2 lbs of specialty chocolates, a basket of cheese, olives and bread and am feeling mighty gluttonous.:)

                  1. Okay, I'll give credit to Sweets. What Krista does with bacon, goat cheese and KarmelKorn in her cupcakes is obsenely good. But, for macaroons, I have to go with the newly opened Patisserie 46 on 46th and Grand in MPLS. The Earl Grey with Orange Marmalade are the greatest.

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                    1. re: brianrich

                      Anyone know what other flavors of macarons Patisserie 46 has? Wish they had a list on their website, but they don't and it's a bit of a trek for me to go there so it's not like I can just pop in and see for myself. I just got back from Paris and like someone else said, I'm missing the fruit filled macarons from Pierre Herme and Laduree.

                      1. re: Seige

                        Their phone number is 612-354-3257. If you called, I bet they'd tell you before you head over there.