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Dec 13, 2009 07:18 PM

favorite chicken liver pate recipes?

I'm making a pate to bring to a holiday party next Saturday, and I'd love to hear your favorite recipes. I'm talking chicken liver pate.

My favorite is from Joy of Cooking, and it involves butter (of course), shallots, livers, a Golden Delicious apple, Calvados and heavy cream.

I loves the apple-y hints to this pate, but I've relied on it for too long and would like to try something new.

Pate-like items that I've clipped from food sections over the years but never tried: Balthazar's chicken liver mousse, AOC's chicken liver crostini with pancetta, chicken "faux gras" from Michel Richard's "Happy in the Kitchen" (which has an appealingly green parsley gelee on top).

Any thoughts or favorites out there? All help is much appreciated.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Thanks. That one does look great, and is actually "healthier" than the JOC one, which calls for something like 12 tablespoons of butter. However, the BLT one is supposed to be served warm, which may pose a problem for me in a cocktail party setting.

      Any other favorites? Or are chowhounds not particularly inclined to make their own pate?

      1. re: missyp

        Don't worry about the warm part, room temp is just fine. It's at it's optimum flavor, at least, at room temp or warm, which is why, I think, BLT recommended it be served that way. Anything other than chilled chicken liver pate is fine. If you like the recipe, which I do, go for it.

    2. I've only made Jacques Pepin's

      The ratio of butter to liver seemed to high. On my second try, I reduced the butter by one third and I thought it was just right.

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      1. re: bizkat

        Ooh, I'd be interested to taste test two batches side by side, one made with cognac and one with scotch. Plus of course then I'd have both cognac and scotch in the house :D

      2. one more that might be of interest - i just spotted it in the current issue of Food & Wine. it's from Shook & Dotolo, the owners of Animal restaurant in LA:

        1. I'm watching this thread with interest as I plan on making chicken liver pate for Christmas Eve. Most of the reipes I have tried in the past had too much butter and didn't taste livery enough. Someone here (maybe Caroline1?) recommended sauteeing the chicken livers in goose fat (which I happen to have) and said they'd taste like foie gras, so I planned to do that.

          1. Thanks, everybody. I ended up making the BLT recipe with the port syrup. Though it didn't totally blow me away, it was quite delicious and I would make it again. I didn't have duck fat and used the alternate olive oil. I'd like to try it with the duck fat.

            I served it warm and it stayed out at the party at room temp.

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            1. re: missyp

              i never even noticed the olive oil alternative. gotta go with the duck fat! it really adds a richness and another layer of flavor that you just won't get with oil. but i'm glad you enjoyed it anyway.