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Dec 13, 2009 06:01 PM

PHX Steak -- City Hall or Ruth's Chris OR . . . . . . .

Howdy folks:

I'll be in town for the holidays and to celebrate a birthday. The guest of honor has requested steak and we're weighing these two options. Have heard good things about City Hall and we're also considering Ruth's Chris as a known commodity.

Looking for some locals to share their thoughts on these two OR other great steakhouses. I'll share my concerns with each of these two venues.

1) City Hall: have heard that it's a scene -- however if the steaks AND service are good I'm willing to forgive some attitude from the clientele.

2) Ruth's Chris: it's a chain and therefore might be lacking in ambiance -- and the food could be uninspired even for a steakhouse.

Thanks in advance to any and all PHX carnivores for weighing in here and helping an out-of-towner treat a birthday girl to a nice night out.

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  1. I'm always hesitant to jump into steakhouse arguments in that they are akin to arguing Ford vs. Chevy but here we go...

    Donovan's is a known commodity having outposts in San Diego and Phoenix. I have had better experiences there than both your options. That said, you can get a great steak at CH or RC.

    I'd also recommend Mastros as a "known commodity" which puts out exceptional steaks.

    Have not been to Bourbon Steak, but Michael Mina does a great job with butter-poaching steak. I've been to StripSteak in Vegas and would not hesitate to recommend BS based on Mina's reputation even though I have not been there.

    1. Forget them both and go to BLT Steak. Best steak I've ever had...puts all others to shame. Located at the JW Mariott Camelback Inn Resort.

      1. I loved City Hall. It IS "quite the scene" - loud with a lot of people watching. That said, we went on a weeknite at 8pm, for dinner. Food was absolutely delicious. I had steak and SO had the fish. Both really, really good. I highly recommend them. Service was spot on so if you don't mind the noise, distraction, or perhaps, if you ARE part of the distraction, then go.

        Haven't been to Ruth's Chris for quite some time. It is much more sedate than City Hall, but I remember the food as very good.

        I can only recommend Donavan's from the other poster's suggestions. Very good service, very sedate and very, very good food!

        Enjoy the celebration, Chowcito, where ever you end up and please do, report back!

        1. Service and food at City Hall are excellent, but the atmosphere is definitely hip and lively. If you like people watching, it's worthwhile.

          You certainly aren't going to have a bad meal at Donovan's or Ruth's Chris either. But I think I'll echo the BLT Steak recommendation. The steaks were excellent, and the complimentary Gruyere popovers are simply amazing. As a plus, before (or after) dinner you can enjoy a drink on the patio near one of the firepits at the resort bar.

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          1. re: boingo2000

            Plus 1 on BLT.

            Great steaks, and great view from the patio.

          2. Thanks all for the input. Can anyone compare the pricepoints at these restaurants? City Hall, BLT, Ruth's Chris, Donovan's?

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            1. re: chowcito

              They are all roughly comparable in price. Everything is a la carte. Donovan's is known for its filet, so if that's your thing then you may want to check it out. I prefer meat with a bit more flavor, and absolutely LOVE the spice-rubbed Cowboy Ribeye at BLT Steak. City Hall is VERY, but loud. Steaks are very good, but I still give BLT the edge in both food quality, preparation, and atmosphere.