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Dec 13, 2009 05:49 PM

Breakfast in Newington/West Hartford CT

I will soon be moving to Newington. While I am excited about the dining possibilities because of the proximity of West Hartford, I can't seem to find many breakfast places in the area.

Other than the Quaker Diner, are there any hidden gems in the Newington, West Hartford and Wethersfield area?

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  1. Hello!
    I live in West Hartford and I've gotta say I absolutely love Quaker Diner. I am an even bigger fan of Olympia Diner on the Berlin Turnpike--their corned beef hash is amazingly good!
    Other places I'd suggest---Sally and Bob's on Farmington Avenue on the fringe of West Hartford Center. Though the last time I went there the chef was only cooking one meal at a time. I do wish there was a place with more homemade stuff like Harvest in Simsbury, in the West Hartford Area. Oh I also have had a very good Sunday Brunch from Rizzutos in Blue Back Square.

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      Masha bousha, thanks for the heads-up on the corned beef hash at the Olympia. Got there for a mid-morning breakfast and it was soooo good! Hot, crusty, bit of a kick, and just plain delicious. Oh, for homemade biscuits with strawberry preserves made from the summer's bounty to go with it--life would be good.

    2. I moved to West Hartford a few years ago- lots of places to eat. I really don't like the Quaker Diner- too cramped and small. For casual breakfasts, we like Effie's Place, as well as A.C. Peterson's, and the Gold Rock Diner. But our favorite "breakfast" place, hands down, is Lox Stock & Bagels. They are chewy, warm, and dense. Man, I could go for one right now!

      1. Try Sally & Bobs in West Hartford Center. Sure, It's a bit on the slower side but the food is ALWAYS piping hot and tasty. Also Saint's in Plainville is quite good for breakfast. Also try Josie's corner in Kensington. All are in a relatively short driving distance from Newington

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          In reply to the last two posts...I've tried Effies Place and I preferred Quaker Diner. Can you recommend anything in particular that I should try at Effie's? I do dig that they're equipped to serve many more people than Quaker Diner (when I'm hungry it's hard to wait for a table).
          Regarding AC Petersens (which I call AC Skeeversons) I've never had anything there that I liked and the staff always seems harried and the place dirty.
          I have never eaten breakfast at Saints but I think their chili cheese dogs are the gold standard by which I always measure others. I'll have to try it for breakfast!

          1. re: masha bousha

            My aversion to the Quaker Diner has nothing to do w/the taste or prep of the food, and everything w/just feeling tight in there. Not enough personal space or something. And all the smells... I don't know. Effies Place has very good hashbrowns, and b/c I usually order eggs up for breakfast, I can't say too much about the rest of the menu. The kids prefer AC Peterson b/c my daughter's friends' parents own the place. It's just like Friendly's, only faster-the one in town must be the slowest Friendly's in the world- you can be there hours still waiting for your food. Or to order. And I agree that the wait staff at AC Peterson can be, let's say, "remote". I prefer Gold Roc over both AC P. and Effie's. If we have a full-house of kids we might also go to the Hometown Buffet- cheap, fun to people watch, and no dishes to clean up afterwards. I am aware of the many reasons not to go there, but WTH, you only live once. And they have an Icee machine!

            Does the CH Team come after you if you plug Hometown? I'll remain on high alert.

            1. re: stuck in Hartford County

              Quaker Diner blew it for us when we detected garlic in the hash browns. Some folks are cool with garlic at breakfast. I am not.

              Effie's makes the most "greaseless" breakfast in the area. It's also the most spotlessly clean restaurant for miles and miles around.

              Nobody can beat Sally & Bob's, however, for corned beef hash. They make it with their own corned beef (the corned beef and also the fresh brisket, at lunch, are to die for). The couple that own Sally & Bob's (they're not Sally nor Bob) are very, very sweet and turn out very, very good food.

              I feel bad for the OP, as there's really nothing I can recommend in Newington proper. On the Berlin Tpke there's the venerable Olympia diner -- very good food but not inexpensive.

              Effie's Place Family Restaurant
              91 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

              Sally & Bob's Deli-Ette
              10 N Main St, West Hartford, CT 06107

              Olympia Diner
              3413 Berlin Tpke, Newington, CT 06111

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                Sally and Bob's is about a 3 minute walk from our home, yet we've never been there. Is it a small, no frills diner type place for soup and sandwiches? That would be a refreshing option for lunch. Is it expensive?

                1. re: stuck in Hartford County

                  Sally & Bobs is not inexpensive, comparatively. It's a good value, however.

                  The lunch is out of this world. Corned beef, pastrami and melt-in-your-mouth brisket on good rye bread. Great soups. Spotlessly clean.

                  Their coleslaw is homemade. Reuben sandwiches are grilled just right.

                  Did I say I like to eat there?

                  1. re: shaogo

                    Thank you for the info-we'll definitely give it a go!

                    1. re: shaogo

                      Sally & Bob's makes an excellent Rueben. Basically, I quote shaogo. I moved from West Hartford two years ago and miss this place a lot.

                    2. re: stuck in Hartford County

                      I love Sally and Bob's! I used to work in WH Center and would get their Corned Beef sammich all the time and it was awesome! Every now and then if I'm going by there on my way to work I'll order up a scrambled egg and cheese on roll to go. I get maybe 1 every few years and they always remember me and never look up like "hi, can I get you something" it's just "there's that chick picking up her semi annual egg sandwich". I love that in a restaurant!
                      I'm totally going to have to hit Sally and Bob's for lunch over my next vacation.

            2. Ahh yeah. Petersen's is pretty nasty. Last time I braved it, everything came out burnt. Crunchy light brown layer on the outside of the omelette style burnt. Blackened hash browns. Everything also had that fresh-off-the-Sysco-truck taste. I do takeout so by the time I got it home and saw the burnt stuff, it was too late to really complain, and the counterperson didn't seem like the type to care anyway.

              Quaker is much better, IMHO. I haven't tried Effie's in years, some time soon though. Sally and Bob's makes a mean lunch sandwich, so I can imagine the breakfast being good too. Goldroc is more of a '3am and drunk, gimme some breakfast!' kind of place.

              I remember seeing something about Barb's Pizza serving breakfast a while ago, not sure if they still do. Harry's in the center did/does serve a great breakfast too, although on the pricey side.

              1. Thanks for your suggestions and recommendations everyone! We are almost settled in to our new home and hope to venture out to breakfast once the financial pain eases a bit!