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gulden draak beer

The LCBO only has it in a special 6 pack with 5 other Belgian beers. I would like to buy several bottles on its own.

Thanks kindly!

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  1. I had one the other night after it sat in my fridge for about 1.5 yrs. I was afraid to try it, since the other 5 Belgian beers from that sample pack were very disappointing. Boy was that Gulden Draak amazing stuff! I too would love to find more single bottles locally if available.

    BTW, those who love more full bodied/dark amber beers/ales like Maudite, Trois Pistoles, Fuller's Vintage ale (all my current favs), should give this one a try.

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      I don't think you can get this in Ontario outside of the 6 pack of Belgian beers. For others of similar style, I second the recommendation for Maudite and Trois Pistoles from Unibroue.

      Also, there is still some Gouden Carolus Classic at LCBO locations, but it was part of the fall release so the stock probably won't be replenished until possibly next year. I would strongly recommend trying this beer.

      Chimay Blue is also a great dark Belgian beer, but it is only available as part of the Chimay gift pack that also includes the red and white (also good beers, but different styles). It also has a nice Chimay chalice in it, which is up there in my favourite beer glasses.

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        Yes pick up that Chimay pack, great glass. Also another to pick up is the 750ml of Duvel w/ another top notch glass.

        LCBO is really spoiling us w/ all these gift packs.

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          I agree. The Duvel tulip is possibly the best glass you can get. I bought 2 of the packs just for the glasses.

    2. Gulden Draak kicks arse......the other 5 beers in the sampler pack really are pedestrian in comparison. They all tasted far too similar for my liking.

      It sucks you have to plunk down $17 to get at one beer.

      I would highly recommend the "Historic Ales of Scotland" pack too.

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        Thanks for the reco's guys, and I thought I didn't need to step foot into LCBO until the new year, sigh!

        BTW, along the lines of the dark beers, I tried the St. Ambroise Vintage Ale and it's not as good as the Fuller's Vintage ale, so stock up on the Fuller's since I don't know how often it comes out. Has anyone actually let the Vintage ales mature and does it taste better after a few years? Mine doesn't last more than 1-2 months in my fridge.

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          I LOVE the St Ambroise Vintage Ale. I enjoy both, but I'd put the St Amroise way above the Fuller's, although they are different styles of beer so it is somewhat comparing apples to oranges (or barley wines to old ales). Both of these are quite different from the list of Belgian strong dark ales mentioned in this thread.

          Also, Fuller's has come out with a new version of the Vintage Ale every year since 1997, so it is probably safe to assume there will be a new version coming out next year. Each version is somewhat different too. I haven't aged any of the Fuller's, but I hear it does improve with age.

          Oh, if you enjoy the Fuller's Vintage, try the Adnams Broadside that just came to the LCBO in their winter release. Also, if you can find it, try the Ola Dubh too, which was aged in Highland Park scotch barrels.

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            I picked up the Highland Park scotch set today, and also saw a Maredsous Belgian Ale Gift Box, anyone try it yet?


            1. re: Royaljelly

              i did last year. didn't love it, but its generally well regarded.

              guulden draak, i think, is sold at bars like Sarah's (on danforth) and Comrades (queen e)

      2. not for home use, but i think you can get it at Rhino.

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          Once upon a time, you could also get draak at Smokeless Joe's, but it's been a while.

          aser, I tried the "Historic Ales of Scotland," and my thoughts on each of them were pretty much the same - really neat for the first half, but tired of the tastes of Scottish vegetation by the time I got to the end of it. :) I liked the elderberry one (that one sustained my interest for a full beer) and the heather was really interesting, but grew tired of the gooseberry and scottish pine pretty quickly. I was glad I tried it, but I don't see myself rushing out to buy a bunch of any of those, even if I could.

        2. Well if you need somewhere to get rid of the other five bottle at a reasonable discount then give me a call. This is a different pack to previous years which had two bottles of three different types. I only noticed that after I bought four packs. I like the Piraat as well. One of the cashiers though I was a bit of a nut when I insisted that they be packed in an upright position.

          I also noticed this on-line at the LCB... S.T.V. 7 - Belgian Beer. Has anyone tried it?


          Can I also add Fin du Monde to the Unibroue beers mentioned above.

          In terms of Fuller's, both ESB and London Pride are good bitters, though people disagree about which is the better.

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            S.T.V. 7 - Belgian Beer is not an actual beer, it is in the "Product Knowledge" category. Not sure what STV stands for.

          2. had a Gulden Draak at Castro's last night (the Beach)

            1. Last night I had the 9% Bornem Triple. Thin and fairly sour. Very yeasty. Citrus edge to it. Slight aroma of wet dog. (Funny, I didn't mind that bit). Clear with little lees. Not one of my favourites.

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                Had the Bornem Dubbel last night. Typical brown colour and solid head. Much fuller, rounder and softer flavour. I will not wax lyrical about chocolate overtones. It seems RoyalJelly and I will have to differ on this one.

              2. If you are truly in the hunt for "The Golden Dragon" Rochester NY has a beer store called Beers of the World. Not far from Toronto. If you are from Ottawa, there is a beer store in Canton NY about a 70 minute drive. Bessettes has a pretty good selection, and they can order you just about anything you want. I just picked up two cases of Rochefort 10 that they brought in for me. The LCBO also carries from time to time St Bernadus ABT 12. If you like the Draak, you will like this Abbey offering.


                Golden Dragon
                2524 Keele St, Toronto, ON M6L2N8, CA

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                  Since Gulden Draak is a barley wine, there is a barley wine available for a limited time at lcbo. Under the current brewery feature, Norrebro. Not cheap, but they can be aged for years....


                2. FYI, this year's sampler pack was quite nice. I've yet to be disappointed by any of the beer i've had. they've ranged from good to Guulden Draak yummy!

                  St Bernadus is available at the LCBO. you may want to stock up!

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                  1. re: atomeyes

                    Unfortunately St Bernardus is done already, discontinued and all GTA stores are out of stock.

                    It lasted for about 1 month. :(

                    1. re: aser

                      yeah. we bought 15 of them :)

                      i went through the LCBO online list this morning. wow. incredibly depressing. lots of Keystone, Laker, etc.

                      Looks like I have to wait for my spring trip to Belgium to have good beer (Weslveteren, anyone?)

                      1. re: atomeyes

                        I bought over 20, and I bought way too many Orvals also.

                        It's just annoying we're reduced to limited seasonal releases of beers that are easily available year round in the US.

                        At least it lasted longer than Norrebro VarTripel. That one lasted less than a week.

                        1. re: aser

                          I wish the VarTripel lasted longer. I picked some up the day it came out, but by the time I tried it (and realized how good it was) it was already sold out. I do have a bunch of Orval and St Bernardus 12's stockpiled for a rainy day though.

                  2. Looks like LCBO will be releasing Gulden Draak by itself in it's upcoming winter beer release.

                    Here's the full list of releases coming up, that I found on beertaster.ca website


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                    1. re: Royaljelly

                      OOOOOH .... thanks for the info. Can't wait!

                    2. There is also a place in Amherst (perhaps a little closer) which sells bottles of Gulden Draak called Premier Gourmet. The price is a little crazy at about $5 a bottle or so, but it's nice to have once in a while. And while you're in the Buffalo area, check out an awesome gastropub called Blue Monk.. they sometimes carry Gulden Draak as well as a dizzying array of other Belgian beers. That's where I discovered Gulden Draak, and I fell in love.