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Dec 13, 2009 05:23 PM

Growler's Pub Old Towne Gaithersburg

Can anyone give me an update on this place? I have a family get together coming up and understand they have some private party space. Does anyone have experience with their private area? My group will be about 25 people. Their menu looks like standard pub grub which should be perfect. One thing I want to know is if they do any brunch type stuff on Sunday which is when I would be going.


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  1. It's still a local hangout - the food is a step up from normal pub grub. I went recently after not going for a while and it was much better than in the past. They brew their own beer and the majority is very good. They are not shy about using hops.

    I think they use their upstairs bar for private functions; anything specific you want to know? (other than brunch - I'm clueless there).

    1. I went within the past 6 months. Don't know much about private space but it looked like they offer that in one of 2-3 spaces.

      Agree generally with reiflame, and will add that I remember their salad dressings as standing out, and the beer being good. Wouldn't drive readily from Reston on a dime, but I surely give it the nod.

      Do not know about brunch at all.

      Seemed friendly and accomodating the time we were there - go in and ask in person?

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