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Dec 13, 2009 05:20 PM

What's open and fun on Christmas Day, Miami?

I will be meeting friends on Christmas Day, in Miami Beach. What is open and offers good food for a group of 6?

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  1. don't know about the "fun" factor, but according to Open Table there are at least 104 restaurants in the Miami area that can accommodate you:

    it's a place to start, anyway.

    1. You can try Prime 112 or Joe's Stone Crab, lots of other options on opentable as the previous poster said.

      1. Most if not all the restaurants on Lincoln Road open on x-mas late afternoon/early evening. I'd consider Meat Market. Off Lincoln I would see if Talula or Sardinia are open.

        Since this was posted under Miami here is the Bourbon Steak x-mas menu, kobe tasting makes for a nice gift...