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Best dessert at Costco?

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I have to bring a dessert to a potluck tomorrow night. Attending will be around 10-15 ladies. Others are bringing desserts as well. I don't have time to make anything so thought I'd pick up something at Costco. Any suggestions?

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  1. i got a red velvet there, with cream cheese frosting, thatw as delicious, it was near the naked juices

    1. Either the pecan or pumpkin pie.

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        I love the Costco pecan pie.

        The apple pie is good, but a bit too sweet for my taste..

      2. They have the best apple pie you can get from a store

        1. I'm fond of the tiramisu in the frozen dessert section. Be warned, it is addicting!

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            Do you remember the name of the brand I've been trying to find the tiramisu since they speed carrying it at costco and no one knows what I'm talking about like it never existed

          2. LOVE the little eclairs/cream puffs in the frozen section (Nancys?). Good frozen or thawed!

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              coney, ever buy Costco's cream puffs in the bakery case? I think eight come to a package, cream piled high; very rich and worthy of splitting with 3 guests (calorie wise) but mighty good.

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                never seen them, I'll look next trip.

                But we would have to eat them right away :)

                (one advantage of the little frozen guys!)

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                  I haven't seen the fresh cream puffs myself in the bakery area in a while and the tiramisu square (more pudding like) pack seems to have been replaced by a tiramisu cake. Your post reminded me of the puffs. But the fresh baked good areas varies, noticeably, Costco site to site. I agree the frozen version is much easier to enjoy over time (portion) tho...but the fresh baked was a real treat. Happy hunting!

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                    Has anyone tried the tiramisu cake?

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                      I haven't tried the cake, only the "pudding version" and I found it too much pudding & not enough cake.

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                        Oh I liked the pudding aspect of it HillJ. To each his or her own but on a hot summer afternoon. that tiramisu delivered as promised. Quite the pick me up. Hope it is not gone forever.

            2. Cheesecake from Cheescake Factory a steal, or pumpkin pie another deal.

                1. Exept for maybe a small improvement on the crust texture, Costco made the best cherry pie I ever ate. I haven't seen one there in 5 years or so. Can't get an explination why. Their carrot cakes are awful tasty.

                  1. The only dessert I pick up from Costco is their chocolate bundt cake. It's rich, moist and light all at the same time...quite addicting!

                    1. Their frozen Tiramisu is really, really good.

                      But, before Thanksgiving I was at Costco and had a sample of a cheesecake. They had a few kinds to try, I can't remember all of them. One had a pinkish glaze on top with pear and ginger I believe. As I walked away with my sample, I could taste the almond flavor in the crust..heavenly.

                      Any one know the brand? And if they are refrigerated or frozen?

                      Would love to pick up that pie for this Holiday. Thanks.

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                        I think that is from David's Cookies. They make the rounds on weekends and were at my Costco in the suburbs of Philly last night, and will probably be there for the whole weekend. Maybe they will have someone from David's Cookies at a Costco near you mce. It is frozen and can only be bought when the samplers from David's are there. It is called Cabernet Pear Tart and you might even still be able to order from their website, but it costs more from there than Costco. http://www.davidscookies.com/index.cf...

                        1. re: givemecarbs

                          Thank you, it was fabulous and the picture looks just like it.

                          I went to Costco on Thursday evening and they just had the Cheesecakes and Tiramisu in the freezer dessert section. I did buy a Tiramisu, because for 9.99 you cannot make a Tiramisu at home (I use Marscapone and those expensive Italian lady fingers). As I was checking out, I told the girl scanning my items how fabulous the Tiramisu was and she said she wasn't surprised. She said that restaurant owners come and buy them to see at their restaurants!

                          I hope I bump into the David's people this winter and I'll be certain to pick up one of the Pear Tarts. And I doubt it was $39.00 dollars at Costco either. ; )

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                            Heh that is fascinating about the restaurant owners mce! I believe you have inspired a new game for me, guess which carts are full of stuff destined to utilized at restaurants. I know the tart was under twenty dollars. Those David's people are the devil! They even have little microwaves to warm up some of their offerings. I had a slightly warmed rocky road pie or something sample and it was decadent.

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                            I was in the Hackensack, NJ store this past Thursday and they were demonstrating the offerings from David's Cookies......the only item I sampled was the pear Tart and I can attest it is excellent.

                        2. Love the key lime pie and the pumpkin pie. Please don't buy the Red Velvel cake is horrible doesn't even taste like cake.

                          1. I like most of their desserts, they also carry cheesecake factory products.

                            1. Their carrot cake is awesome, but deadly! Also, the brownie brittle (plain or even better over vanilla ice cream) is hard to control once you eat one piece.

                              1. The Costco Fruit Tart is incredible! I've tried similar fruit tarts at other stores and they were awful....