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Dec 13, 2009 04:37 PM

Dessert for Thai dinner???

My sister-in-law is having several for dinner and ordering in from a great Thai restaurant in her area. I volunteered to bring dessert BEFORE I realized what she was serving. I believe she is also having appetizers before dinner - so all in all there will be plenty of food. My question is....what the heck do I bring for dessert? There will be couples there that we have never met, so no idea as to their tastes. I was thinking perhaps some green tea gelato and in keeping with the holiday spirit, a small plate of sweets?? I have a good repetoire of Xmas dessert items but am open to suggestions in keeping with the Thai flavours!! Thanks!

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  1. I have made green tea ice cream before, and I think that would go well. Other options would be coconut milk ice cream (which would be very cooling if the meal was spicy) or a mango sorbet.

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      I second mango sorbet! Maybe mango- mint or mango-basil.

    2. What about sticky rice with mango? It's a totally delicious, traditional and authentic end to a Thai meal and can be lovely. This looks like a good recipe for it. Some people say you should soak the rice before steaming it. However, I've seen some that include coconut flavoring or some other odd additions that I would avoid.

      1. Most Thai deserts are pretty bland. If you have a specialty I would just do that. You can go the tropical fruit route, but I do not think it needed.

        1. Coconut milk panna cotta with mangos

          1. How about coconut panna cotta?

            Or, honestly, my first thought was some beautiful supremes of citrus (since they're in season -- satsumas or something) laid out on individual plates with Thai basil and a creamy coconut sauce. That would be VERY simple to do, and then you could do some caramels or something, maybe even Thai-spiced caramels!