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Dec 13, 2009 04:30 PM

Top-5 Cooking Goals for 2010

I thought it would be great to carry forward the Top-5 Cooking Goals for 2010 which originated from the 2009 thread . In 2009, my cooking interest sparked from eating healthier, buying organic and regional foods, and embracing home cooking over processed foods. Now that I have a pretty well stocked kitchen I need to find ways to use it. So my 2010 goals are too...

1. Learn to make basic sauces
2. Get good at bread making (wholewheat, sourdough, pizza
)3. Learn more about complimentary spices and seasoning methods
4. Be able to master five different recipes for each protein: chicken, beef, seafood
5. Incorporate recipes from other cultures (India, Chinese, Mediterranean) especially those that are vegetarian based.

I hope by the end of 2010, I can create my own personal cookbook of staple recipes.

So, your turn to share what cooking you accomplished in 2009. What cooking goals do you want to accomplish in 2010?

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  1. 1) Cook more healthily. (No you don't need to add more butter and salt Bryn!)
    2) Cook complete meals (What do you mean a steak isn't supper?)
    3) Clean up the kitchen while I am cooking or shortly after. (How come this didn't come clean in the dishwasher? Mhhmmmmm)
    4) Have friends over more for coffee or dinner (Cake is calorie-free if someone shares right?)
    5) Cook something out of my Julia Child cookbooks. (They aren't just display pieces because they are trendy right now)

    1. 1) Overcome my fear of making biscuits and pie dough.
      2) Try my hand at canning and preserving.
      3) Continue trying new ways to use the produce that I get at the local farmer's market and specialty stores.
      4) Incorporate more whole grains into my family's diet.
      5) Transcribe more family recipes for posterity.

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      1. re: TampaAurora

        Using more whole grains is definitely on my list! I certainly buy quinoa and bulgur, but never get around to cooking it.

        1. re: TampaAurora

          I made biscuits this weekend! Awesome biscuits.

        2. 1. Obtain my definitive 5 Bread Recipes
          2. Work with Seafood weekly
          3. Make Monthly Tamales to share with loved ones.
          4. Master the Art of Preservation and Canning.
          5. Cooking a monthly Recipe of each of my new Cookbooks (I bought 6, German Cooking, Julia Childs, Alice Waters, etc).

          ----- 2009


          1. Master the Art of Sweet and Savory Muffins =)
          2. Back to my Latin Cuisine Roots and deconstruct some dishes =)
          3. Start a Personal Recipe Cookbook
          4. Use every single Gadget weekly
          5. Use fresh produce by a 90% in weekly meals. (it's an estimate =)

          Bad year for the rest, but for cooking has been amazing... bring it on 2010!

          1. Cool topic -- and food for thought, for sure. I'm almost hesitant to post until I think about it more!

            For now, though:
            1. Enjoy my first year of culinary school -- whee! I start in less than a month!
            2. Continue to cook healthy meals, still free of convenience foods, on what will be a significantly more limited budget, due to #1 above. ;)
            3. Keep on cooking recipes from my Polish roots -- I really want to carry on traditions -- if I don't, no one else will!
            4. Get chili "right." Seriously. The simplest thing -- but I can never get it quite like I feel it "should be" -- no matter how hard I try!
            5. Ooh! I was going to say "learn to fillet fish properly" BUT that reminded me that I'm still terrified of honing a knife with a steel. Must learn.

            It's pretty hard to list ONLY five goals! Though I suppose it could be narrowed WAY down to:
            a) Do everything I've never done
            b) Do everything I've done, again, better this time. :P

            1. Nice post; for 2010

              1) Try to use leftovers more creatively
              2) Cook from a different country every week
              3) Experiment with a new or different ingredient every week
              4) Master the art of homemade pasta
              5) Master the art of the smoker

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              1. re: Cherylptw

                Using leftovers and not wasting food is definitely on my list. Have to dig up all those threads on using carrot tops and potato peels!