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Dec 13, 2009 03:39 PM

help at russ & daughters?

I'm going to visit my mom for her birthday next week, and I want to bring her some goodies from Russ & Daughters-- I want to get a variety, so I'm looking for some recommendations to cover all the bases in 3-4 items. Looking to spend ~$50-70.

I'm definitely going to get some of the wasabi roe, but need help in the smoked fish area.


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  1. smoked salmon, either scotch or irsh. the amt. of smokiness is one big difference between types. some sturgeon. good bagels and cream cheese. but if you are there, they can guide you better than anyone as is to what is most popular and you can't go too wrong with anything from there. just be prepared to open the piggybank but enjoy.

    1. Also don't forget that they also have good after dinner sweets such as dried fruits and chocolate covered jellies. If you are going to spend $50-70, you can include a half pound or so of this stuff

      1. I like the gaspe nova. It's mild. Ask for it fatty. I also like the baked samlon, again ask for it a fatty piece. Both are very consistent. The sturgeon has been terribly inconsistent, so if you're going for sturgeon, ask if it's good first. ANd you should definitely get a herring in cream sauce. And a chub.

        1. As Baconbits said, most definitely a chunk of baked (kippered) salmon (about $10 per 1/4 lb). Always moist and delicious. As well as a chub, or white fish, maybe a quarter pound of the midsection of the fish, similar in price to the baked salmon. I prefer the salty belly lox, the other stuff is too mild for me. Not sure if this is just for you and your mother, but 1/4 to 1/ 3 of belly lox is more than enough at around $9 per 1/4 pound. I'm not a fan of herring, but a slice of matjes, or the cream is usually a fan favorite. And finally, try the egg and spinach salad. Murray's has some of the best egg and spinach salad in the universe and R&D might serve a similar one.

          1. Two pieces of advice: Get the Whitefish Salad (the best I've ever had) and do not get your bagels or bialys there...they're not very good.

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              I've said this before in another thread but the wasabi roe is fabulous with the whitefish salad.

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                the bialys are from Kossar's- do you know a better place to get bialys than Kossar's?

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                  I was there on Friday and spent about $80 on a gift. They have very nice insulated bags with their logo that are a fun way to package and present the gift. And they even throw in an ice pack!

                  The Scotch salmon is what they usually recommend and it is terrific. I also got herring in different sauces: curry, dill, cream with onions, and it was all amazing. The salmon tartar is different and great to serve with cocktails. They have a beet, apple and herring salad that is fantastic. It sounds weird but it really works. And their tuna salad is the best I've ever had.

                  1. re: El Tigre

                    The last time I bought bialys @ R&D, they were stale and hard and didn't taste good. The bagels I got there were very dense and heavy. Better bagels can be found at most delis, especially Murray's. Bialys? I actually like the ones that I get from Gourmet Garage. A place called Jumbo Bagels (2nd Ave & 56th) has terrific bialys. It was just surprising that R&D has such sub-par baked goods.

                    1. re: El Tigre

                      If you want a bialy, Kossars is the place. They also have good bagels.