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Dec 13, 2009 02:24 PM

Colored Knives

I think that they look really sharp (pun ;-)) but are they?

These guys ar amazon look good And thosr at Chef's Resource are quite cheap But are they worth the money & counter space?

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  1. My recommendation is you purchase knives you want to use.....not what you think looks good. My favorite knife is a cleaver that I purchased three decades ago for $9.99. I use every day for a wide variety of tasks....including the boning of chicken. It just suit me and I like the way it holds and edge and cuts.

    The purpose of colored knives originated with the thought they would be more hygenic if you had designated knives for specific tasks, to reduce the possibility of cross contamination:

    Blue........Fish and other Sea Foods

    The color concept extended to cutting boards as well for commercial kitchens.

    1. "... purchase the knives you want to use..."

      But what does that mean? What if these are the knives he wants to use?

      Anyway, the non-stick coated colored knives have not been adopted by anyone I know, so I don't have a lot of input on them. A quick google search o the kuhn rikon knives didn't even tell me what steel they use for their blades. Might be good, might be junk. Sorry.

      I can say that in the same price range, forschner makes some excellent knives and are a safe bet.

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      1. re: cowboyardee

        But what does that mean? What if these are the knives he wants to use?


        as I suggested....then he should buy them.

        I can only surmise rich is looking for input on these knives for everyday use or as a gift purchase. As others have said to me....presumably any recommendations received requires the OP to do some researching on his own to make an informed decision to purchase the best performing knife in the price range considered....not the best looking knife in this case.

      2. Sorry. I have never personally use them, but I heard those Kuhn Rikon PARING knives are good value. You will find the paring knives often in TJ Maxx and HomeGoods etc. For an all purpose knife like Santoku or French Chef's, it may be better to get a more reputable one.

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        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          I've picked up a bunch of the KR knives from TJMaxx. Of the paring knives I especially like the serrated rounded tip 'sandwich' knife.

          The larger ones, with color coated blade, and sheath, have thin, sharp blades. The sheath makes them especially handy for inclusion in my camping gear.

          So at least at the TJMaxx price they are well worth the money.

        2. I bought the Kuhn Rikon blue paring knife on a whim. I paid about $9 (IIRC) & am very happy with it. It's very sharp, comes with a blade protector & is handy for all sorts of small kitchen jobs...I use it to mince garlic & shallots in particular.

          The one I have is not the Satoku you've linked to but it's the same series.

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          1. re: fauchon

            thinking about colored paring knives as stocking stuffers--thoughts about whether the Kuhn Rikon or the Komachi is better (rikon: OR the
            komachi: )? thanks so much!

            1. re: Produce Addict

              K&R produces one of their sheathed paring knives in Christmas colors.