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Dec 13, 2009 02:23 PM

Chinese Restaurant Open Xmas Eve and Day

Hi all,

After years of subjecting my Jewish husband to the holiday ham and Xmas carols, we are away from family this year and on our own. I'd like to indulge him by recreating his family's Chinese food and a movie Jewish Xmas. Any suggestions on a great (read: authentic) Chinese restaurant that would be open either Christmas Eve or Day? Thanks!

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  1. What area/city are you looking for? Almost all Chinese restaurants will be open those days; they only close on Chinese New Year.

    1. Yeah, most are open. Here's a good place to start:

      The big Hunan on Sansome has Kung Pow Kosher Comedy both nights.

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        I think it's actually the New Asia restaurant on Pacific, but I second Kung Poa Kosher Comedy recommendation. I've been in the past, and am going again this year. The early show comes with dinner, and the later show comes with just egg rolls, in case you want to have dinner elsewhere first.

      2. I will bet his "traditional Chinese" Christmas dinner did not include an authentic Chinese meal. If it did think about Jai Yun or Great Eastern.

        1. We had a great Christmas Day meal at China Village a couple of years ago; if either of the Solano Avenue movie palaces (Thousand Oaks and Albany) has something you fancy it'd be a nice stroll without having to repark the car.

          China Village
          1335 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706

          1. You are actually likely to have more of a challenge finding a movie you want to watch on xmas eve. Most of the local theaters only have very early shows. I'd suggest you research and choose your movie first, and cruise around your nearest Chinatown-like region for the most hopping place that's open. You might happen on a place that's under the radar for everyone except the locals.

            Here's what I experienced in 2002: