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Dec 13, 2009 02:03 PM

Lawrence, KS - GC Recommendations

We'd like to buy a gift certificate for a family member who lives very close to Lawrence, KS. We'd like it to be at a nice restaurant where she & her husband can have a nice kid-free night out. We're thinking of spending in the $100 range. Any suggestions for a great meal that they will truly appreciate?

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  1. My BIL lives in Lawrence and they enjoy Krause but might be more than you want to spend.
    I have been to Free State Brewery and its excellent..


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      Krause Dining is closing, so not really an option any more. They will be opening a new place in the old Round Corner drug store, but that's still a ways out. I love the Free State, but it's not really a "romantic" night out.

      I'd recommend Pachamama's (http://www.pachamamas.com/ ). I think it's right in your price range, the food is excellent, and the atmosphere is dress-up worthy.

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        Link didn't work for me but I googled pachamama's..looks really nice..
        I'll be there in May for a KU graduation..usually its Quinton's and Free State..can't wait to dine there.

    2. A couple more restaurants to check out would be Teller's and TEN. However, one I haven't eaten at in a long time, and one was after my time in Lawrence. Maybe people with some more recent history can chime in.

      Teller's was always one of the designated "special occasion" restaurants (http://www.746mass.com/ ). It's in a restored Greek revival bank downtown (the ladies' room is in the old vault.

      TEN is the restaurant at the restored Eldridge Hotel downtown (http://www.746mass.com/ ). It is under new management since I lived in Lawrence (it was previously a little sketchy), but I've heard good things since.

      1. I might also recommend 715, a new restaurant on Mass. St. in Lawrence. We ate there a few weeks ago and were very impressed.

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          ooh -- that looks good. When they give you the farmer's names, I pay a little more attention.

        2. thanks to everyone! i know that they've previously eaten at and loved the place at the eldridge, so maybe they'd like to return??
          happy holidays to all.