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Dec 13, 2009 02:03 PM

Lawrence, KS - GC Recommendations

We'd like to buy a gift certificate for a family member who lives very close to Lawrence, KS. We'd like it to be at a nice restaurant where she & her husband can have a nice kid-free night out. We're thinking of spending in the $100 range. Any suggestions for a great meal that they will truly appreciate?

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  1. My BIL lives in Lawrence and they enjoy Krause but might be more than you want to spend.
    I have been to Free State Brewery and its excellent..

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      Krause Dining is closing, so not really an option any more. They will be opening a new place in the old Round Corner drug store, but that's still a ways out. I love the Free State, but it's not really a "romantic" night out.

      I'd recommend Pachamama's ( ). I think it's right in your price range, the food is excellent, and the atmosphere is dress-up worthy.

      Edited to fix link.

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        Link didn't work for me but I googled pachamama's..looks really nice..
        I'll be there in May for a KU graduation..usually its Quinton's and Free State..can't wait to dine there.

    2. A couple more restaurants to check out would be Teller's and TEN. However, one I haven't eaten at in a long time, and one was after my time in Lawrence. Maybe people with some more recent history can chime in.

      Teller's was always one of the designated "special occasion" restaurants ( ). It's in a restored Greek revival bank downtown (the ladies' room is in the old vault.

      TEN is the restaurant at the restored Eldridge Hotel downtown ( ). It is under new management since I lived in Lawrence (it was previously a little sketchy), but I've heard good things since.

      1. I might also recommend 715, a new restaurant on Mass. St. in Lawrence. We ate there a few weeks ago and were very impressed.

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          ooh -- that looks good. When they give you the farmer's names, I pay a little more attention.

        2. thanks to everyone! i know that they've previously eaten at and loved the place at the eldridge, so maybe they'd like to return??
          happy holidays to all.