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Dec 13, 2009 01:05 PM


Has anyone eaten here yet? It's in the Ritz Carlton in Foggy Bottom. I had a late lunch there last week. They serve food all day long so it was nice to find a place open when I got off from work around 3p.m. I hadn't had time to eat lunch since I was very busy at work.

The service was delightful and friendly. At least three people greeted me and came over to ask me how the food was. The waiter recognized me from another restaurant where he had previously worked at.
I had their Asian based soy glazed salmon with soy broth with rice and pickled beets. Really yummy and unique.
I also had the butterscotch pudding which was also delicious.
I highly recommend it.

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  1. Wait a minute... So Ris is in the same hotel as Ripert's Bistro? I didn't know they had two restaurant locations in there. Ripert took the old Cobalt space. What was where Ris is now?

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    1. re: Pappy

      They're opposite ends of the hotel - WestEnd Bistro is at 22nd and M, Ris is at 23rd and L.

      Not sure what was there before.

      1. re: DanielK

        Ris is not in the hotel. Ris is on the corner of 23rd + L, which is the condo building.

        1. re: MSommelier

          You're right, of course - I always think of that whole block as the hotel, but the back corner is the condo building.

    2. Ris' menu is now online:

      The sardines, gnodi, and skirt steak looks awesome...has anyone tried these dishes?

      1. Went to Ris this weekend w/ my husband and in-laws and had a fantastic time. The service was amazing (they were very, very gracious about my in-laws showing up about 20 minutes late), and the food was great. We splurged (everyone had drinks, apps, entrees, desserts, coffee) so I think the total was about $280ish, but pretty reasonable for all the extras we consumed.

        Like the OP, I had the salmon and the butterscotch pudding. Both were amazing (I convinced my husband to order the pudding based on recs here, otherwise we never would've ordered it, it was incredible). The salmon was perfectly cooked as requested (medium rare). Everyone else raved about their food as well, including the lamb, potpie, and the special, which was the filet that night.

        Great place, nice addition to that area.

        1. I have been to RIS several times and have loved it (especially as an old 1789 fan of her work). I have had some of the nightly specials, and been very impressed. On the regular menu, I recommend the cider glazed pork chop. The Gnudi appetizer is also amazing.

            1. re: spinachandchocolate

              last April.

              service was a little unfocused but I'd write that off as they were just re-opened. Thursday lamb chops were damn dead on. and about the best charcuterie plate ever, the bread rivals Central's. (OK I was going overboard on the red meat) nice room and not insanely loud like so many places.

              1. re: spinachandchocolate

                I went for restaurant week in August and had a great experience. We had the meatloaf and the lamb and both were great. Appreciated the discounted wine options during RW also. But the most memorable part for me was sitting at the bar waiting for our table - the cocktails were *superb* and the bartenders were very chatty and willing to break down the elements of the drinks and provide sample tastes of anything unfamiliar for the sake of educating our palates. I would definitely go back again, with a small group of friends or on a date.

                1. re: spinachandchocolate

                  I took my fiance for his birthday a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Service was a little slow but they were completely full. The food was great, as were the cocktails. We also had the charcuterie and it was wonderful.

                  1. re: reiflame

                    I ate there about 2 months ago. I live in Baltimore, we don't really have too many of these types of restaurants. For the price, I was not overly impressed. The mussels were good, but the portion was small for the price. The bronzino was prepared well, but I wasn't blown away. $12 glass of wine was crazy. The dessert was good, but overall it seems like the type of restaurant that I would go to with my grandparents. I haven't lived in DC in 10 years but I remember much hipper and tastier restaurants

                    1. re: daynasch

                      $12 for a glass of wine is pretty average around here now. Not sure what the prices are like in Baltimore but unfortunately alcohol is pricey down this way. Cocktails run in the same range; it's rare to find a mixed drink under $10.

                      I don't think I would've called any of the portions small - I was so stuffed after we left.

                      I think RIS suffers from a little bit of an identity crisis. Lacoste as said that she wanted to make the place a neighborhood bistro, but her reputation is such that people expect serious fine dining. The menu sometimes can't decide what it wants to be as well.