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Dinner on December 24th and 25th

I’m looking for restaurants in the down-town /old Montreal/ Plateau area open for dinner on December 24th and 25th. Any ideas?

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  1. We had dinner at Gibby's in Old Montreal for three consecutive years, twice on the 24th and once on the 25th. They had two sittings, at 6p.m and 9p.m. as I recall. No special menu, just their usual. Another year, we had dinner at the Beaver Club at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. I think the food was better, but I preferred the decor and ambiance at Gibby's. Clientele at Gibby's was fairly eclectic compared to a rather tightassed crowd at the Beaver Club. Also lots of people at Gibby's Very casually dressed, not so at Beaver Club. For the last two years we've done take-out turkey dinner, which I've found better than going out to either of these places. Beaver Club has more of a holiday menu, though it doesn't seem to be posted on their website. You can check out holiday dinner/brunch prices on the hotel website (see the 2009-2010 Holiday Season link). You might have trouble getting a reservation now.


    Beaver Club

    Fairmont Queen Elizabeth

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      Speaking of Gibby's, I was vastly underwhelmed sunday, there were 6 of us and the meat was just ok, no melt in your mouth moments, although their prices are sky high.
      It was a last minute decision to go there, being that a lot of places are closed sundays.
      I think we would have done better at the Keg.

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        I agree completely. Gibby's is not the best place to order a great steak and I've always found them overrated in general. The only reason I'd ever go to Gibby's would be because they happen to be open on Dec 24/25 and one can show up wearing jeans and not feel self-conscious about being underdressed.

    2. I believe that El Gitano (on Parc above Milton) will be open until 9pm on the 24th. It is a small, traditionally decorated, Spanish restaurant that I haven't tried. They had a sign in their window listing their holiday hours. Hopefully someone else can chime in about the food.

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        El Gitano was my family's go-to resto back in the 70s (I was a kid) for their gigantic scampi.
        Feeling nostalgic, I brought the wife there a couple of years ago. I didn't go for the scampi (actually don't remember if its still on their menu), but rather Paella, their signature dish. Unfortunately I found it mediocre (nostalgia can only go so far...)

        There should be a few places open in Chinatown.
        If I recall correctly, Beijing (la Gauchetierre corner St Urbain) will close on the 24th at 4:00 and re-open on the 25th at 4:00pm - but check as I'm not positive.

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          just received christmas (24 and 25)and new years menus from le renoir (sofitel-Peel and St. Catherine area) -we have gone there for special occasions last time was valentines day and had terrific meals, and good value for price although at christmas dinner and new year eve/brunch much more expensive

      2. Is there a Xmas menu available yet for the Beaver Club?

        I'm thinking of taking my younger sisters for holiday dinner (since we dont celebrate and family are out of town) on either the 24th or 25th. Haven't been to thr BC in years though, not since the renovations way back when. How's the atmosphere?

        1. I went through this exercise a few years ago. On December 25th, my husband and I enjoyed an incredible meal and dining experience at Auberge et Restaurant Bonaparte in Old Montreal. The interior is elegant old world, the service was superb as well as the food. I would highly recommend this restaurant.

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            How far back was that? I ate at Bonaparte about two years ago, and thought it was terrible. I remember some nondescript brown sauces. That is a definite no-return for me.

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              I had dinner at Bonaparte about a month ago and was dissapointed. Slow service and average food at a high price.

          2. Since my best friend and I are alone on the 25th, we always go to a movie and then eat at La Maison India on Sherbrooke. No special menu, just the usual delicious fare. Not downtown, but easy to access.

            1. I have eaten at Troika the Russian place on Crescent near Sherbrooke on a couple of 24ths over the years. A pleasant place. Different religious calendar for their Christmas!

              Usually there are several Indian restos open on the 24th & 25th as well.

              1. Anyone with ideas for a December 24th restaurant to go to with kids?

                1. We have extended family visiting over the holidays, so have been calling some of the high-end good food/good wine places to see who is open for a nice Dec 24 or Dec 25 dinner:

                  Chasse et Peche - closed Dec 24 and Dec 25
                  Ferreira - closed Dec 24 and Dec 25
                  Milos - OPEN Dec 24 with last seating at 8pm, closed Dec 25
                  Piment Rouge - OPEN Dec 24 regular hours, OPEN Dec 25 dinner
                  Toque - closed for about 10 days from before Christmas until after New Year's
                  XO - OPEN Dec 24 and Dec 25 regular hours

                  So it's Milos vs. Piment Rouge vs. XO for us...

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                    FYI, the (very expensive) dinner menu for XO on Dec 24 and 25 is available here: http://www.hotellestjames.com/egaller...

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                      here are the 13 pages of menus for the christmas / new year period at sofitel le renoir


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                      I'd vote against Piment Rouge.

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                        porker, have you tried Piment Rouge recently? Never been, but it's on my list to try. I read a nice restaurant critique in Le Devoir recently. The writer was raving about the place, especially the food and decor.

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                          Honestly, not lately. Thats because of my previous experiences there - seems more effort is put into decor and presentation than food. I quote the late moh who expressed it much better than I;

                          "Piment Rouge is Chinese food for really rich white people who don't actually like Chinese food that much. It is very good, the food is nicely prepared, but it doesn't cut it if you like regular Chinese food. Very conservative. But the wine service is elegant, and the dumbed-down Chinese cuisine you get here is much more wine friendly than regular chinese. Again, if someone is paying for me, I'll go, but won't pay to go there myself."

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                            Porker, a lot has changed this year with Piment Rouge’s renovation, new chefs, new menu etc. I think it's a great choice for a holiday dinner. I eat there several times a month because I work in the building next door. I agree with moh that the food is very good, nicely prepared, elegant service etc… but, they also recently introduced a lot of excellent new items especially on their seasonal tasting menu, so IMO I don’t think they are conservative. I flew China Airlines recently and their in-flight magazine named Piment Rouge one of the top ten Chinese restaurants in the world, and if I remember correctly, the only Canadian restaurant on that list. Also, here’s the link to the Le Devoir article: http://www.ledevoir.com/loisirs/resta...

                    3. Does anyone know how the restaurant at Le Chateau Montebello fares?

                      I'm thinking of staying overnight on the 24th and doing Xmas dinner there...

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                        ^ Referring to Aux Chantignoles above. Have yet to find online reviews save for some scarce feedback on their 'famous' Sunday brunch menu. Would love to get more info... it's been years since I visitied but would make for an ideal Holiday getaway within short distance.

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                          Just saw your post about Chantignoles. We were a group of 12 there in early November for a 2-day offsite and had 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches & 1 dinner there. They have a fixed 4 course menu for dinner with choice of 2 soups, 2 appetizers, 4 mains & 2 desserts. What I remember --- Deer carpaccio, celeriac soup, consomme, prime rib, choice of fish, mushroom risotto, duck, desserts were tiramisu & passion fruit parfait. Everyone said they really enjoyed their meals (& we are a brutally honest group when it comes to the "FOOD").

                          Since we were there Tue-Thu, we did not have the full blown Sunday brunch but here's an idea of what's on their breakfast buffet ... egg station with a chef who knows how to make a perfect omelet (or other egg dishes but no benny), bacon, sausauges, Montebello's famous crepes, french toast, waffles, scrambled eggs, croissants, chocolate croissants, other danishes, 4 different breads, at least 4 jams, fruit, at leat 4 different cheeses, choice of cereals, choices of yogurt, granola, choice of juices, sliced meats, syrups, crudites, fruits (whole & sliced), creme fraiche, whipped cream, different salads. Their Sunday brunch is all that and then some. Sunday brunch is $42.00 I believe.

                          Their lunch buffet included different hot items including a 2-3 pasta choices, roast beef carved, soups, and different salads, sliced meats, breads, cheeses. For dessert, there were about 10-12 choices. We loved their bread pudding! All in all - I would rate the food a solid 8.5-9/10.

                          We all rolled away from there but it's definitely worth trekking out to Montebello, especially since you can burn off the calories afterwards on their beautiful property with some of the great activities they offer to guests, from x-country skiing, snowshoeing to curling (great drinking sport!) to ice fishing. They even have luxurious private cabins on private lakes for rent.

                          1. re: RhondaB

                            Thanks so much for your update, this sounds great!

                            Unfortunately I was hoping to spend the night as well, but they've been booked through since the fall for the holiday season so I'm not sure if it's worth the drive just for dinner as I'd be restricted on drinking, etc. Sort of kills the celebratory NY vibe knowing you have to drive 1.5 hrs back to the city at night afterword. But I'll now make it a point of rescheduling!

                            Thanks again!

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                              Ya, we had the luxury of spending 2 nights. But it's definitely worth checking out, especially on a weekend. In case you are interested, they have different "theme" packages such as a Breakfast & Dinner Escape package. Here's a link: http://www.fairmont.com/montebello/Ho......

                      2. Chinatown is often a good bet during North American holidays.

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                          I too am looking for a Dec 25th place, but would prefer not to go the fine dining route... any specific chinatown suggestions eoj? Other less ritzy options?

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                            My suggestion is Beijing, about 19 replies upthread.

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                              My favourite in Chinatown is Keung Kee. It's been mentioned on this board many times before.

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                                I like both Beijing and Keung Kee, but I have no idea what their holiday hours are like, so best to check in advance.

                            2. A long shot to be sure... but does anyone know if Le Club Chasse et Peche will be open for dinner on Christmas Eve? Also, any idea if FPC members gain Starwood points when dining at the Beaver Club?

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                                Unless there is some kind of reciprocal awards program that I don't know about, Starwood points are only available at Starwood/SPG properties; Beaver Club is Fairmont/FPC.

                                I understand that diners at Starwood restaurants can collect some points for dining without staying, but I think it requires a bit of paperwork and persistence. I haven't heard great things about the restaurants at the Starwood properties-- Westin, Sheraton, Meridien or W.

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                                  oops, I obviously meant FPC points! don't know why I typed Starwood but I was wondering if you can accumulate Fairmont points w/o staying overnight by dining at the Beaver Club?


                              2. Also unlikely but I wonder if there's any chance Barroco might be open for the 25th as well?

                                If not CC&P I'd love to do Xmas dinner here.

                                1. we're arriving dec 24 for a few days, thought we knew the city well. the holiday closings make toronto sound like sodom and gomorrah!! seeking peking duck....la maison kam fung sounds good...? did mon nan recover

                                  1. Cuisine et Dependence on st-Laurent is open on the 24th and 25th for brunch. Their food and service is always terrific, wine list is reasonable and tasty.

                                    1. Back with another question: any Thai or Vietnamese places open that you know of?