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Dec 13, 2009 12:12 PM

Happy Hour and Scottsdale- Where are the best dishes being offered?

I have noticed great competition here- but would like something more substantial than the usual chicken wings, etc.I am aware of the burgers at Fleming's and the half-priced appetizers at Flo's. Where are your favorite places- ethnic or American food?

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  1. I just got back and had a couple good happy hours. One was at Roaring Fork which goes til 7 (most seem to end at 6). Their apps weren't super cheap but we had a great chicken/pepperjack flatbread for about $8 and I had an orange mojito for $5 I think. Can't remember if my friend's beer was a special or not. We really liked the Carlsbad Tavern crabcakes, two good sized ones with salad for $4 or 5, served with a spicy mayo. A huge prickly pear margarita was only about $3. I know Frasher's and Bungalow on Scottsdale have them but didn't check them out.

    1. Fleming's also offers beverages, wine and appetizers at about half off during their happy hour. Wildfish has deeply discounted food at the bar that we've enjoyed and even Kona Grill (you must order carefully) has decent half off food and drink specials. McCormick & Schmidt has a good happy hour that also features a $5 burger.

      1. We tried Fleming's in Chandler on Friday and it was too crowded, so we walked over to Roy's. They offer all their drinks for $5, which is a fantastic deal because of the variety and the quality of the alcohol. They also offer several appetizers for $5 each- we had the lobster potstickers and the wagyu sliders with sweet potato fries. The 3 potstickers were good, but the two sliders with a handful of fries were divine, we ended up ordering another round.

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          Thanks for the tip on Roy's. In all my happy hour searching on this board I don't recall ever hearing about Roy's HH and it sounds delicious! Was it hard to get a spot at the bar?

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            We got there about 5:45pm on Friday and took the only two seats left at the bar. There were several tables open, but they had reserved signs on them.


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