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Dec 13, 2009 11:49 AM

Rocco's Steaks in Paoli

I just noticed that a drive through cheesesteak place opened on Lancaster Ave in Paoli. I think its the location of the former Polish Water Ice place. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. It was Tradewinds Coffee for a brief stint before closing. I am not sure if Rocco's is actually open yet, bet there is some additional detail on the ownership at Seems like a strange business model to me.

    1. I think they are hiring people now. He had Soprano's in Newtown Sq. and other places before that....Our Deli still makes a good cheesesteak

      1. I stopped in Pats and Gino's in Philly...meat a little fatty and not much of it...Wasn't bad if you like this kind of steak (sliced meat with cheese wiz)...But I will not go back...Our Deli down the street and John's in Frazer are far better.

        Frys where good

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            I got the menu when I went Tuesday night. Rolls are from Carangi's Bakery, which also just opened in Paoli.

            1. re: wardski

              Carangi are what John's Roast Pork uses... among the very best !!

          2. re: Omlvrn

            I must disagree , I have lived in this area for over thiry years now.
            Have tried lots of the different resturants and fast food places.

            Must say Rocco's is a great place to stop when in a hurry .
            Food is fresh , meat is of high quality you can tell by the texture and taste.
            I like the fact that he buys all his products from fellow business men.

            There is always a very friendly welcome from his staff .So stop in again you my not have like the cheesesteak but he has a great pork and chicken parm.

          3. I went to Rocco's today for the first time. I have been looking forward to the opening since they first hung the banner back in November. I have to say that I was very dissatisfied with the food and the cost. The steak was a slab like that of Pat's or Geno's and not chopped. It also wasn't hot or even warm enough to melt the american cheese that I ordered on it. The roll was ok because it was crunchy on the outside. They also did not cut the sandwich in half which made it a hassle when eatin in your car at lunch. The French Fries are the thicker type and were not fully cooked and were under seasoned. The total cost of my meal was $12 and personally that is way to much for lunch. Overall I have to say that the food wasn't that good and not worth the cost. I will most likely steer clear of this place since there are better cheesesteaks in this area.

            1. Thanks to everyone who has replied. I think I will give them a month or two to work out the kinks before I try it.