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Dec 13, 2009 11:30 AM

Best Dining options near Campbell Apt (walking distance or short cab ride)


Planning a birthday dinner for my significant other, and would love any suggestions for the best dinning options within walking distance or short cab ride to The Campbell Apartment (Grand Central Station). Any cuisine, ambiance and price level works!

Many thanks in advance,

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  1. Within walking distance, I would recommend La Fonda del Sol, located in the MetLIfe Bldg., just down the street from the Campbell Apts. The food is delicious, service is excellent, and the dining room has very attractive decor and comfortable seating.

    Photos of our recent meal and of the space can be seen here:

    "A short cab ride" opens up a whole boatload of possibilities. If you want a "NY Times" 4-star, my picks would be EMP, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, and Per Se. Other excellent options: Picholine and Adour Alain Ducasse.

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      DITTO!!!!!!!!!! La Fonda Del Sol is my new fav in the area!

    2. Convivio is a nice walk [in good weather] over to Tudor City - walk east on 42nd to 2nd, the uptown to 43rd and east again up the hill straight into the northern end of Tudor City. Then south a block or so to Convivio. Going that way saves you the very steep and long stairs from 42nd Street and gives the lovely visual surprise of Tudor City.

      1. You could always try their sister restaurant Madison and Vine. They are just a short distance away, located in the Library hotel on the corner of 41st and Madison. It's a really nicece place with the same professional service that you will find at the Campbell apartment. I believe the cuisine is American bistro fare and the wine list is international. They serve over 35 wines by the glass. I've never been disappointed.

        1. I recommend DB Bistro. Absolutely within walking distance. I was just there for Thanksgiving dinner and it was absolutely fabulous. And I've had many bad Thanksgiving dinners here in the city against which to measure.

          1. Thank you all for the recommendations. So many great options, and still undecided. LFDS is the front runner from the below. (We were at the Convivio location two years ago, and DB Bistro will be slightly too earthy/fussy for my significant other, tho I would love to go).

            Also, I'm going to open it up to other neighborhoods for dinner and just cab it to Campbell after. Apizz and SD26 have been added to the list along with Bobby Van's and Spark's (haven't been in ages) for steak. Yes, I know - all over the place in terms of local, cuisine and vibe. Being that half of us lives out of town now, it makes it a lot more difficult to pick one. But I must reign it in!! :) Any thoughts or opinions on the new additions are welcome.

            Thank you xo

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