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Dec 13, 2009 07:01 AM

Smelly Pork Back Fat?

I was making a chicken Galantine from Ruhlmann's Charcuiterie, and it calls for 8 oz of pork back fat. I had some in my freezer that's probably been there for 6 months, sealed in the airtight pouch it came in. As soon as I cut it open, it didn't really smell great, it smells like that not so fresh smell from an asian grocery store.

I don't remember back fat smelling like that. Is it bad or is my nose more sensitive today?

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  1. Salted pork smells like that when it's been sealed for awhile...rinse it off in warm water and if it still smells bad, throw it out...But it's been salted, sealed & frozen and that is a grandmother kept smoked & salted meat in her smokehouse OUTSIDE for months and I'm still here to talk about it...It should be safe...

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      It's fresh back fat, so I don't think ti's been salted at all. but it was bought from a very reputable place, not at all close to the expiration date, in a vacuum sealed bag, when it was fresh and frozen straight away, I don't see how it would have a chance to go bad.

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        As I've said, when meat is sealed up for awhile, it will have a smell; rinse it off and smell it without preconceived notions as sometime it can cloud our sense of smell...Pork keeps a long time in the freezer (I've frozen meat for a year) seriously, I think it'll be safe but use your own judgement...

    2. It's probably just lactic acid bacteria (spoilage bacteria that make milk, yogurt). Rinse it off and happy cooking!

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        The reason why it is smelly despite being frozen before the BBdate is that this bacteria is can grow without oxygen and in fact if you open vacuum packed meats you will get a similar smell. It can be sulfurous or slightly sour and other smelling.