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Dec 13, 2009 03:09 AM

Best Korean restaurant

My brother lives in Brooklyn and loves Korean food. I wanted to get him a gift certificate but don't know where to start. Any suggestions on where to get authentic Korean food? Thanks!!

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  1. One of my favorite Restaurants in NYC is a place called Dok Suni in Manhattan. 1st Ave at 7th St. It's not super cheap but the food is amazing. Even though it says Korean Home Cooking on the sign, the vibe is a bit more trendy than rustic. Very dark. Cash only.
    You could also check and do a search for korean in brooklyn.

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      Eh, Dok Suni was never all THAT good, and I recently tried the Hot and Spicy Broiled Squid (or whatever it's called now), which was the only thing I used to find worthwhile, and it was kind of an oily mess - perhaps not more oily than before, but definitely less tasty. I know that sounds mean, but really, with Koreatown not that far away, I don't feel the need to deal with Dok Suni again, even when I live around the corner.

      My answer to tadoran would be that I believe the best Korean restaurants in the Five Boroughs are in Queens, specifically the area around Northern Blvd. from Flushing to the Nassau County border and beyond. However, I do not frequent them and couldn't tell you which one to go to. Whereupon, I recommend that you search the Outer Boroughs board or/and ask this question there.

      In Manhattan, my favorites are two barbecue specialists: Madangsui and Don's Bogam (I realize Don's may have other specialties, too). And that answer also goes to the point that different Korean restaurants, in spite of commonly long menus, have different specialties, so that trying to figure out which one is best may be a little like comparing a pizzeria, a red sauce place, Babbo, and several other varied Italian restaurants. So where you should go depends on what type of Korean specialties you want to eat. So, for example, don't go to Han Bat for barbecue when you could go to Madangsui, but for a good deal in Hyaemul Dolsot Bibimbap, Han Bat is a good thought if you're in Manhattan.

    2. I assume you've already gotten the g.c., but the owners of Dok Suni also own Do Hwa on Carmine Street, and I like it much better - I think the food quality is superior, and it's a cooler and more comfortable setting. I also just read about Jup She at 171 Grand Street, but I can't vouch for that one...yet.

      1. Cho Dang Gol on 35th (note, not the main K-town strip on 32nd!)
        It's style of Korean food is country korean cooking so it's a little different from all the BBQ palaces on the strip. It's pretty darn authentic. It's also healthier and the food is more flavorful than what you'd find in most Americanized restaurants. If your brother is a meat eater that likes spice (most non-koreans who are into Kfood fit this profile) he should order the Spicy Prime Rib Casserole- it's my favorite dish they have. (Also their pancakes, are darn tasty to order as an appetizer) They are regarded highly for their homemade tofu. I agree in regards to their soft tofu but the firm tofu, just isn't my thing. My Korean mother, however, loves it.
        My favoirte thing they do, is pouring boiling hot bo-ri-cha (barley tea) into the stone bowl your rice was scooped out of and letting it steep. When you are done with your meal, they'll ladle a bowlful for each of the diners to drink. Perfect way to fill in all the cracks/air pockets left in your stomach. The flavor is kind of like a toasted unsalted popcorn. Comforting as heck on a winter day and still soothing to me in the summer.

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          Just in case you were specifically asking about Korean restaurants in Brooklyn- I've been to 2.

          Moim is a Korean restaurant in Park Slope. It does traditional Kfood very well. It's small and has a lovely backyard (which they do nothing with, sigh- seriously, it's empty) but the standard dishes I tried were exactly what I expected them to be. There were some salads that I wouldn't expect to find in a K restaurant, but it's in Park Slope so I figure that had something to do with their appearences on the menu.

          Dokaebi (means devil/demon in Korean) is in Williamsburg. Um, not traditional Korean food. (They serve Sabu Shabu, which isn't even Korean...) No banchan except a little bowl of washed kimchi. I ordered the kalbi and it was a marinated steak, not the sliced ribmeat I am used too. The marinade was also too sweet but at least resembled the Korean BBQ marinade. The food was good, mind you, just not the Korean food I ate at home, nor what I eat when I go to Korea. It's Kfood, American hipster style.

        2. The two best I'm aware of are deep in Queens -- Sol Bawoo (149-44 41st Ave Murray Hill) and San Soo Kap San (17110 Northern Boulevard Flushing). They both excel at BBQ; the former is more country-style, and thus has less common meat selections, than the latter.

          1. second do hwa--great food and great atmosphere