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Dec 12, 2009 05:49 PM

Boracay, Philippines - Any favorites?

Hello ! I'll be going next week (from San Francisco). I haven't been there in about 4 years, and I understand there has been a lot of development.

Please share any tips for favorite restaurants, little, big- stand or fancy.
Places for espresso appreciated. I know about the shake/smoothie place on the beach... I hope it's still there.


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  1. Oh-- places with good cocktails also wanted!!!

    1. I haven't been there in 10 years myself, and I hear it's really changed: there's a Shangri-la Hotel now. As for food, one of my favorite restaurants in Makati closed last year, and I heard that they reopened in Boracay. It was a Greek place called Mati, and they served a wonderful chicken souvlaki, great fried calamari (tiny squid!) and other appetizers, and the best molten Valrhona chocolate cake I've had anywhere. If you find it--or even if you don't--please post back and let us know how your trip to Boracay went. Have a great holiday!

      1. My husband and I enjoyed dining at Friday's. It's a bit more expensive than most places on the beach and is all the way at the end of boat station 1, but worth it when you get tired of Jonah's shakes.