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Dec 12, 2009 05:32 PM

Help! Birthday dinner restaurant recommendation in Fairfield County, CT

My in-laws are planning a birthday dinner for me, and want to know where I'd like to go. Not being from CT, I need help with suggestions.

Serve at least one good vegetarian or fish dish.
Not be overly blue blooded (less stodgy the better).
Any ethnicity, the more interesting the food, the better.
Avg price of an entree can be 20-25 $.
Be in Fairfield County, or Westchester, near the CT line.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. Just flashed on Brasitas in Stambord/Darien. Pan-Latin specializing in South American. Fun and festive, unpretentious and unexpected. and when you drive by, don't be put off by the ramshackle exterior. Inside it's as kewl as any resto in Ct. Free Valet parking.

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        La Crémaillère costs one HECK of a lot more than 20-25 per entree.

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        1. I haven't been, but Osetra in South Norwalk is an oyster and fish restaurant. So I would expect they must do decent fish dishes.

          Otherwise, Tarry Lodge in Port Chester and Ten Twenty Post in Darien are two of my favorites. Tarry Lodge offers vegetarian pizzas and pastas and Ten Twenty has salads and also several seafood options. Both have nice atmosphere, excellent food and warm decor without being stuffy.

          1. Thanks everyone! Leaning towards Douro, maybe Brasitas. I was always been leaning towards for a Latin or Mediterranean, but not set on it. Technically I was told "top shelf restaurant", but I don't want to get too carried away.