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Dec 12, 2009 04:55 PM

What European products are hard to find in the US

We're going to the US on Tuesday, and I'm paranoid that there won't be any Serrano ham, Scottish smoked salmon, good strong French Camembert or German paprika salami.

Are my fears justified?

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  1. I apologize if this appears a rude or intrusive question, but roughly where in the U.S. are you headed? I ask because the items might be easier to find if you are headed to, as examples, New York or Los Angeles, but more difficult in some smaller markets (such as where I currently live in North Carolina).

    1. When I travel I do the opposite of you, I seek out food and products that I cannot get back home. I can always eat what I have locally, but its a real treat to try the unusual.

      1. "Fear"? Really? Is there a reason you can't be without those items? Or are you just afraid of having to eat "American" food? I really don't quite get where your question is going?

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          I like American food, it's just that as we're going over Christmas, and for a couple of days of Christmas, I like to have the nicest things that I like - for me Christmas day, at least, is not about trying new things, so I would like to know that if we go to an upmarket grocery store in Atlanta or wherever, they'll have these things. I read some stuff about having to get import licences to take ham to the US and restrictions on bringing in soft cheese, so I thought it might be like those brunch buffets you get in the US where they serve 'champagne' that is actually sparkling wine.

        2. You can get just about any food product online these days. Certainly nothing you've mentioned seems hard to obtain. If you're in Kansas and want to buy these items at the corner store, you're going to have a problem.

          1. you cannot bring meats, fish and cheeses into the US.

            I don't see why you can't get camembert in Atlanta or Scottish Smoked salmon but there are plenty of Jewish delis in Atlanta and they will sell great Nova. Salamis are abundant as are hams everywhere. Are you moving to the US for good or just going on holiday? Seems kinda drastic to be worried about food in America.