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Dec 12, 2009 03:21 PM

Won Jung Gak Korean Restaurant in Edmonton

Anybody know anything about the Korean restaurant located on 62nd Ave. near 97th St.?

(I know, completely out of the way). I drove past it while visiting one of the light industrial businesses in the area.

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  1. egon61:

    Initially I thought that it might be the place Korean Gardens which was also in a light industrial area East of 99th that I used to enjoy back when we lived on Saskatchewan Drive.

    Then I "googled" it and came up with this "gem" [?] of a review.

    I have not had a good Korean meal in quite some time apart from venturing into the small spot just south of Whyte for some Korean fried chicken after reading reviews on this web-site which was also another "ma and pa" spot full with students.

    1. Hahaha... I know the feeling of going to this restaurant for the first time. I think it was late at night when it was all dark too!

      But the food itself, we thought was great! We're not Korean, but it seems like the majority of people who are there are Korean which is a good thing! The dishes we enjoyed most are the black bean noodles (not sure what's it's called, but I think it's the first thing on the menu), their spicy soup is good too (I believe it's number 2 on the menu) and it's really spicy. We also order their deep fried chicken with some hot pepper spice or something like that. The chicken dish is like 20 bucks, but they give a good amount of chicken. Those three things and at a good price are what keeps us coming back!

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        Hey there, I have been there a number of times. They serve Korean style Chinese food.
        If you like their black bean noodles (jjajang myeon) and spicy soup noodles (jjanpong)equally, they actually have a bowl that serves BOTH. It comes in a bowl with a divider in the middle, so you can sample both. It's fantastic in the winter. The fried chicken goes down great with a little bit of soju (Korean rice wine, harsh stuff) or beer.
        Another tip, in the summer, they serve a number of different cold noodle dishes. The problem is, a lot of these seasonal specials are written in Korean posted on the wall. Will have to point and ask the server to tell you what they are.