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Dec 12, 2009 03:03 PM


NYC Soho dweller in Toronto for the first time NOW through Tuesday. We are looking for great quality food, not fancy but upscale, interesting atmosphere (like, industrial chic, exposed brick, etc.). NYC friends said Lee, Table 17, Black Hoof, Blu, Spice Route Asian, Archeo. Help needed asap from someone who lives here!

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  1. Table 17 on Queen St. E. in Leslieville has a Sunday/Monday prix fixe deal. $29 for a three course meal (no substitutions whatsoever, mind you) and no corkage fees on wine you may bring in yourself. Recommended.

    Lee has great food, although I'm not sure if they have any incentives for Sunday/Monday dining. I find the best way to enjoy Lee is amongst a group of 4-6, sharing a number of plates. The black cod was especially good.

    1. Of the bunch, the Black Hoof is the only place I'd go. And its open Sunday and Monday night. Lee is Susur Lite, T17 an OK neighbourhood bistro (not worth the trip cross town but fine if you're up the street), Blu — which one? — Spice Route is a meet market and Archeo is in the Distillery District (tourists).

      Try Delux, Union, Cowbell, Foxley, Splendido, Colbourne Lane, Weezie's, Harbord Room, Buca, Rosebud.

      1. Dimbulb's list is really good (Splendido and Colborne might be on the formal-er and less neighbourhood-y end, but neither is stuffy).

        Particularly like Foxley (if you like tapas and small plate eating). Note that they do not take reservations and you may have to wait a bit, but they will take a cell phone and there are a number of fun bars on that strip where you can catch a drink while you wait. I also really like Rosebud and I keep hoping to get to Harbord Room and Buca.

        A few other thoughts.
        - Torito is great for Spanish tapas in Kensington Market. Great neighbourhood, exposed brick (!), really wonderful food and nice wine picks.
        - maybe Globe Bistro for a Canadian angle. Good food, another nice neighbourhood for strolling... except that this isn't a very stroll-y time of year
        - perhaps Nota Bene, Kultura, Frank (if you're at all interested in the AGO the restaurant is actually quite good)

        I would avoid Spice Route and I don't think Archeo is worth the trip to the Distillery District (a gentrification project I find a bit too Disney-fied).

        Please let us know where you end up... and have fun in Toronto!

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          Lee is the only restaurant on the OP's list that I would want to visit. Small plates, some of which are Asian inspired. I like the Singapore Slaw. Black Hoof is focused on Charcuterie- not my kind of thing.

          Sundays are tough nights in TO for better restaurants, and many of the restaurants in trendy neighbourhoods like Ossington and West Queen W (like Nyood) do not open on Sunday and Monday nights.

          The Drake might be a good option for you if you like exposed brick, and want to dine in a restaurant that attracts hipster types on West Queen West (located in Parkdale, Toronto's neighbourhood equivalent to the LES). The food is quite good, and it's open every night.

          I have enjoyed great Sunday night dinners at Cava and Starfish. Both restaurants serve great food, and have an upscale atmosphere.

          Sunday night dining:

          Monday night dining:

          Agree that the Globe is a good option, esp. if you're interested in continental food using Cdn ingredients. It's closed Sunday night, but open Monday.

          I'd check to see which restaurants are open on Sunday or Monday nights.

        2. Sidecar is open for dinner on Sundays if you're in that area.