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Dec 12, 2009 02:38 PM

East 70-s -80's cheap eat suggestions

looking for a really good but inexpensive (think unemployed here) for dinner. BYO would be a plus. open to all cuisines as long as there are veg options. was even thinking decent diner. thanks for the suggestions!

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  1. The Green Kitchen on 77th street is a good diner. Spice on 2nd Avenue (thai) Sabor a Mexico. Great authentic tacos

    1. there's also Hummus Kitchen on 2nd Ave between 83rd & 84th

      1. Spice: 2nd Av & 74th Street. Yes it is a chain, but it's damn good.

        1. How about Cafe Mingala? It's on 2nd Ave, around 73rd St or so.

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            Naruto Ramen has a special on Monday nites. It's nice to have a hot bowl of soup on a cold night!!

            Buddha BBQ

            Cascabel Taqueria (Portions kinda small though. 2 tacos were not enough for my DH).

          2. thanks for the suggestions!