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Dec 12, 2009 02:20 PM

Wychwood Barns - worth the drive

We went this morning for the first time. Very nice selection of vendors. Bought some apple cider, cheese biscuits, hot red pepper jelly, and sourdough baguette. There were many other items I could have bought but being early morning and all, hubby and I arrived at the door and we realized neither one of us had any cash on hand. Not surprisingly none of the vendors take debit or credit so we were on a very tight budget with only $14 between us :)

The best part was Ezra Title from Chez Vous' stall. He's serving fabulous brekkie items including fingerling potatoes with chorizio and this AMAZING oatmeal. I'm telling you the oatmeal alone is worth the drive. Apparently made with cream AND maple syrup and served with a compote of apples, nuts and other goodies on top.
OMG good!!!

Anyone else had the good fortune of checking this place out?

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  1. sounds nice ive never heard of this place, where is it???

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    1. re: youdonut

      It's on Wychwood Avenue, which is south off of St. Clair, west of Bathurst.

    2. We go every Saturday morning. We get an egg sandwich from the Ezra stand and terrific organic coffee as well. The empanadas are also great and I especially like the corn and cilantro ones.

      For stands, Vicki's Veggies is my hands down favourite -- she's from Prince Edward County and she supplies to Splendido and Loire while she's here. She always has wonderful produce and will let you taste what she has every week. We bought purple carrots from her that are amazingly tasty and her fingerling potatoes this summer tasted like butter!! She's also got me eating turnip tops which are actually really tasty.

      The gluten free bakery is also very very good -- they make cupcakes, cookies, and other sweets that are great. I don't really eat gluten free but they are so good I make sure I go.

      Another go-to guy for us is the parmesan cheese stand -- he also has shitake muchrooms from time to time. The cheese he sells is great. If the Honey Pie stand is selling honey I would also recommend this highly -- she doesn't always have it but when she does it's my absolute favourite.

      Glad you've discovered it -- it's my fav TO market (other than ST Lawrence of course).

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      1. re: Arcadiaseeker

        Yeah I will be back for sure. I could not believe that hubby and I got all the way there with no $$. It was torture trying to decide how we would spend the $14 we had. I suppose we could have left to find a bank machine but parking was hard to come by and we had a prime spot. Oh well, next time we'll know better.

        I know the mushroom/parmesan guy from the Riverdale Farmers Market. Today he had a huge pot simmering away with mushroom broth. Looked really good.

        I was surprised at how many vendors were there. For some reason I expected it to be a lot smaller. What really interested me was how community orientated it seemed. Everyone seemed to know each other. I like that!

        We're just diving in to our St. John's baguette....yummy!

        Thanks for the tip on Honey Pie....we love honey!

        1. re: millygirl

          I've been meaning to go since it opened but I've been worried about the parking situation. Was it really difficult to find a spot ? Meters or street or Green P? What time of day did you go? Is this part of town affected by the St. Clair streetcar construction? Your description makes it a must try, eventually.

          1. re: tuttebene

            We were there this morning, just before noon. It was busy but we circled around once and caught someone's spot just as they were leaving. Street parking.

            The other thing was that that area seemed to have had a lot more snow and the side streets had lots of packed down ice adding to the challenge.

            1. re: millygirl

              Cool, I didn't know they had food stalls, I've only read about the artists. More reason to go now. Thanks!

              1. re: currycue

                The Green Barn Farmers' Market runs every Saturday year-round. I think it's one of the best markets in town, with fabulous vendors. And Ezra Title's breakfasts ARE amazing!

                1. re: currycue

                  Hi currycue, they even have a guy selling roti and fish fritters that looked pretty good. But alas, $14 doesn't go very far :) We did not try.

              2. re: tuttebene

                There are a couple of Green P parking lots nearby. One at Wychwood & St.Clair (north side) and another about 4 blocks west on St. Clair (south side).

                Checkout this link for a list of vendors:

                I love the Honeycrisp apples and the organic fair-trade coffee.

              3. re: millygirl


                Trying to figure out the best way to spend $14 sounds like a mini challenge-adventure.Especially since there were so many temptations :)

                Take Care,Robin

            2. Ooh, sounds great. We were in the area in the summer, but it was a Sunday and of course, it was closed. Maybe worth while checking it out over the holiday.

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              1. re: SusanB

                surprised that no one mentioned the free range eggs available as well.

                1. re: erly

                  Hmmm, I didn't see those. I'll have to look more closely next time.

              2. Must have been something in the air. We went this weekend as well for the first time. Bought a bag of spy apples (my favourite baking apple and not always available), some really delicious lavender shortbread from Evelyn''s crackers, carrots and brussel sprouts and more. It's a lovely spot and if you have little ones there is a park right outside.

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                1. re: MorseCat

                  Yes! Evelyn's Crackers. I couldn't recall the name but this the stall that had the really good cheese crackers too! Thanks Morsecat.

                2. Thanks for this, millygirl! I'll have to head there next week.

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                  1. re: Yum2MyTum

                    Does anybody know the name of the booth that sells apple cider, located right near the front doors?

                    Also is this market open all year round? For some reason, I'm thinking they shut down after christmas.