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Dec 12, 2009 02:18 PM

Still dreaming of the rolls from Katsuya (Encino). Where can I find similar sushi?

Just returned from a Los Angeles and I'm dreaming of the sushi from Katsuya (Encino location, not Hollywood. The Hollywood location was uber hype and the Encino location was not flashy at al...)

Had the most amazing sushi that included a baked crab handroll and spicy tuna over crispy rice.

Where in NY can I find sushi similar to this?

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  1. So, you're looking for semi-gringo-ized, decent quality, LA-style sushi. You'll probably want to check out Sasabune, the transplanted LA sushi joint.

    1. Sasabune is not like Katsuya. I would say that Koi probably has many similar menu items (e.g. the spicy tuna on crispy rice), though I do not think it is as good.