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Dec 12, 2009 02:15 PM

Cow hooves at butcher

I went to the butcher today to buy some short ribs. Next to the ribs were whole packages of cow hooves. What are these used for - dog toys?

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  1. That would be my instant guess. Would -you - put that in your mouth? I know my German Sheperd would, but me?? Not so much!

    1. We used to call them "woofy-hoofs"...and our dog (back then) LOVED them...they are very good for dogs (vet said) because they don't swell up like that rawhide stuff and are more easily digested by our canine friends. Now I have 2 likes to bite and chew stuff...thinks he's a dog....LOL! Maybe I should buy him a hoof! OH, as I recall, when the dog chewed the hoof, there was a horse smell! But not so bad that I couldn't stand it...

      1. When I lived in NY, West Indian/Caribbean/Latin markets sold cows feet and a few people I knew used them for soup just like a pigs foot except with that, I'd just naw the meat right off, toes, and all!

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          Oh, that begs the question: Were the hooves -just- the "nail" part, with no meat on them? If so, it's dog-treat time. If there's meat, It's probably very good eating!

          I went to my local butcher recently and got cow kneecaps for the dog. .89 a pound, and they looked WEIRD. It was gristle, a bit of bone, fat and some meat. Sprinkled some garlic power on them, nuked for 2 minutes and let the dogs have 'em. Wow, did they love it! They now give me dirty looks when I bring out Milkbones!

          1. re: Honeychan

            They were the whole foot with meat, split by not separated but even if there were no meat, they are excellent for soup for the gelatin it holds which will enrich a stock...You could have used the knee caps for soup as well then give the dogs the bone when you were done...yeah, once you give the dogs the real thing, you can never go back (lol)

        2. They are used like a soup bone is many Mexican soups and stews, they impart a very rich flavor. When cooked until they fall apart, the gelatenos cartilage is delectable. It's a cultural thing.

          1. there are some nice soup recipes that call for cows hooves. Just out of curiosity, what was the cost?