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movie theater with dinner

Okay i would like to find the name of the movie theater that is a place for families that serves food! Thank you! I know the food would probably not be great-but it might be a fun night for a family!

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  1. Are you asking if there is such a place, or that you know there is, but not where it is? I know the Showcase Cinema at Patriot Place in Foxboro has a restaurant, but it says you can dine before or after the movie, not during it.

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      The Luxe Level here does serve food during the movie. Ive eaten dinner here once and we realized that while we love that they will serve us beer during the movie, the food just isnt worth it. That said-it is a fun experience

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        Hi! Yes I had heard there is a movie place that has a seperate room where tou can watch the movie and order food-just like pizza- chicken wings,etc!

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          Chunky's is great for the family. The food is all fried stuff plus burgers, sandwiches etc. you can also get beer and wine. My only caveat is I think it would be hard to watch a movie with an intricate plot. There are lots of distractions with all the serving/clearing going on. THey do thier best to stay out of the way, but its hard (atleast for me) not to be distracted at times. For that reason, we usually see "easy movies: Shrek, Coraline..you get the idea. The other fun thing is that you sit in old cadillac or lincoln car seats, that are on swivel bases and recline and roll so that you can position yourself just the way you like. I recommend it.

        2. Not in Boston but located on the Cape in Falmouth MA is the Falmouth Cinema Pub. Food is okay. A nice night out for the family and I think they serve Sunday afternoons also.

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            I think they have an outpost in Attleboro.

          2. There is also the Strand in Clinton and the Draft House in Millbury. They both serve pub food and beer. Some ot the Showcase have a premier restaurant, which i think you can eat while watching.

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              In Framingham, there's the AMC Premium, next to the regular AMC theater. Bigger seats, tray in front of each. You can get burgers, steak , etc. Not as laid back as Chunky's, and you pay a "premium", but a fun change of pace. No kids, though, but you can get a drink with your meal. Also, unlimited soda and popcorn with your ticket, though if you're having a meal, too....

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                The Strand in Clinton is a very friendly place - an old fashioned movie theatre experience with a twist (you can eat meals in your seats). During December they are running some holiday classic movies at 4pm. They have a menu with burgers, sandwiches, pizza, soda, beer, and wine. Pretty cool! Here's their website: http://www.strandtheatre.com/ .

            2. You'd have to wait for the good weather to return, and it's a bit of a drive, but the Mendon Twin Drive-In is a lot of fun. Their snack bar is surprisingly pretty good, and at $20/auto, it's an especially good deal for a family.


              1. I have heard that the theater in Legacy Place in Dedham has food, and that it "doesn't suck." I believe there's also an upscale section of the theater called "luxe" or "deluxe," (I wonder if they have those naked human sushi tables).

                1. Any updates for this thread? We just moved to the South End from Austin and are missing our Alamo Drafthouse! Anywhere we can get a beer during a movie without driving to the suburbs?

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                    Not without driving to the suburbs. Heck there are only two mainstream theaters in Boston proper (Boston Common and Fenway) and I don't believe either of them serve beer. I never understood why all movie theaters don't serve beer and wine at their concession stands.

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                      The Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square, and the Somerville Theater in Davis Square all serve beer & wine at their concession stands. (However, none of them serve meals.)

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                          Not Boston proper, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville are adjacent cities in their own right, but are still part of the metro area. They are all on the major T lines (green for Brookline, red for Cambridge/Somerville) and wouldn't take any longer than10-20 minutes to get to from downtown Boston, depending on where you leave from.

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                            Nope. Additionally, those options are quite accessible from the South End.

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                          Somerville Theatre (just added 12 new draft lines), Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, and Brattle Theater in Harvard Square.

                          Coolidge/Brattle are more indie...Somerville does special nights for indie/old stuff, but they show first run movies first and foremost.

                          Love Somerville Theatre. They also do $6 shows for anything starting before 6pm every day. This must be new-ish...it used to be $5 and only Mon-Fri.

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                            Somerville theater also has real butter for the popcorn (or at least they did the last time I went to the movies 5+ years ago).

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                              I believe they still do. The Coolidge Corner definitely uses real butter on their popcorn.

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                                  And the Brattle also gives you the bag halfway through to salt before filling it up the rest of the way. No salty top pieces/bland rest of popcorn there!

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                                    Also real butter at the West Newton Cinema

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                              jbess, welcome to boston. what a fun town you come from! we had a lot of good food on our austin visit a few yrs ago. Don't know if you're a Shawn Colvin fan but she really started here(busking in Harvard Square) before Austin wooed her away! There are a few Texans on the Boston Board, so you might want to follow them when they post on SW food, Mexican, BBQ etc.!

                              btw, if you are ever lucky enough to travel up to beautiful Bar Harbor ME, the movie theater there serves dinner and bevs.

                            3. There's a Fudruckers at the Jordan's IMAX in Reading...not sure about the one in Natick

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                                Regarding the family aspect, just know that the Lux levels at Patriot place and Legacy place do not allow children up there