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Dec 12, 2009 01:11 PM

Similar Dishes at High-End (or low-end) Restaurants

In particular, I was wondering if anyone could compare Ubuntu's "Carte de Musica" (which I've had) to Manresa's "Into the Vegetable Garden" (which I haven't had). While it wouldn't surprise me if the latter was better, if I've had the former, is it still worth getting the latter with so many other good choices on the menu, especially given that Jeremy Fox used to work at Ubuntu?

Another one I was thinking about is Thomas Keller's "Oysters and Pearls" vs. the "Glazed Oysters with Caviar" at Gary Danko (haven't had either).


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    1. The "Into the vegetable garden" was the single most memorable dish I had at Manresa, and I intend to order it every time I go there. Next time I'm fully employed, I plan to go there every few months to see how it changes with the seasons.

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        I have had both, and would definitely order "Into the Vegetable Garden". While the "Carte de Musica" is delicious, "Into the Vegetable Garden" has so many different subtle flavors and textures that eating it is an experience that is hard to replicate. Every bite is different and interesting. Edit:sorry, meant to reply to original post