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Dec 12, 2009 01:07 PM

New chocolate shop in Chelsea

Heads up for chocolate fans. There's a relatively new chocolate shop in Chelsea on 9th Ave between 20th and 21st. Forgot what the name of the store was. I didn't try anything but they had a nice little assortment of some interesting flavor combos -- chocolate, roasted edamame, salt, lime and chili anyone? -- as well as more traditional flavors. I'm dying to try the chocolate espresso toffee at some point. They also sell Stumptown coffee.

Between this shop, Jacques Torres and Three Tarts, Chelsea is becoming quite a destination for sweets.

ETA: I forgot to mention that the shop has vegan items (or that all of the items are vegan -- not really sure). And it's on the pricey side -- $2 for a truffle the size of a marble.

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  1. I looked it up and the name is Three Tarts. It does look good and it's gotten some good reviews here. Definitely interested in checking it out, esp. since I'm planning on buying my mom some chocolates for christmas.

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      Nope, not Three Tarts. The OP is referring to the new place that's a few doors up (I believe) from Three Tarts (see second paragraph of OP's post), which must have just opened, since when I walked by 2 weeks ago it still had a "coming soon" sign in the window. I'm very excited that they're selling Stumptown... but it does worry me that they're opening so close to Three Tarts, since this corridor is already jammed with sweets places (three tarts, le bergamote, Billy's), so I hope it survives!

      1. re: ABT

        I read in the paper that the chocolate shop is an offshoot of the vegetarian restaurant across the street --I think it's called Blossom.

        1. re: chocolatefancy

          Ah, yes. Nice job, ABT. Thanks for the correction.

          1. re: ml77

            I have tried five different items from this store and have liked none.

            1. re: wew

              Could you be specific in what you tried?

              1. re: chocolatefancy

                Wish I could. There were two caramels, one vanilla and, I think a passion fruit. Vanilla was bland to excess and the passion fruit just weird. A bonbon had a strange bitter nutmeg-mace flavor that lingered way beyond its welcome. I wish to know what their base chocolate as it is a close ringer for carob.

        2. re: ABT

          It's called Cocoa V. It's a new concept - set up like a restaurant with intimate dining tables, menu etc except the only thing on offer is chocolate. I recall there was a daily prix fixe for $13 - five different chocolate creations. Now there's a nice idea for the recession - eat a full dinner at home, and go out to Cocoa V for dessert. It fills that gap because La Bergamote (best financiers and danish EVER) and Three Tarts (which I reviewed here on my personal soapbox both close at 8pm.
          The staff seem a bit formal and stiff, nothing like the incredibly relaxed and smiley Peter Wojtkunski and owner Marla at the 'Tarts.
          But the place is new, you gotta give people a chance.
          The cheapest offering is three edamame clusters with lime and salt - pretty good - for $2. Their vegan shtick is really another way of saying it's a 100% dark chocolate joint, because pure dark chocolate never has any dairy in it.