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Dec 12, 2009 12:21 PM

Sparkling for a Crowd?

Can anyone recommend a good, slightly dry sparkling wine for a holiday gathering currently available here in Manhattan? I am hoping to stay at approximately $15 a bottle.

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  1. Gloria Ferrer California sparkling wine, usually available for $15 sometimes less...or the $8.99 prosecco Astor imports directly...

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      Grazie- prego. GFerrer a good suggestion-- did that several years ago, but there's usually a new boy on the block and hadn't thought of it recently, Will do the Astor for backup and get at least 2 cases.

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      1. Our "go-to" sparkler the past few years has been Nino Franco Prosecco. It's generally a crowd pleaser; neither too dry nor too sweet. Used to be quite reasonably priced, but has crept upward. I still think it can be had for around $15 on sale or with case discounts.

        1. Walk into any quality wine retailer in Manhattan and ask for Cremants in that price range. Cremant is a broad category of sparkling wine, made in the Champagne method, that cannot be called Champagne because it comes from Limoux, Borgogne, etc.

          I believe the best $15 brut Cremants are on par with Veuve Cliquot yellow label.

          1. The original comment has been removed