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Need Help! Christmas Present, something that is exclusive to US.

I'm visiting a friend who lives in Canada on New Years Eve. He wants something as a late Christmas present. He wants something that he CANNOT find in Canada, and he wants it to be food.

Or also something that is just a MUST-HAVE in the US, I live in Texas, if that broadens the choices.

Any ideas? I tried googling for a list, but I returned unsuccessful.

thanks alot guys! :D

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  1. What about okra pickles? Jalapenos can be hard to find in the great white north ...

    1. BQ brisket , smoked texas sausage and ribs
      or a Greenberg smoked turkey

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        well my friend lives in canada, i dont nkow if i really can bring BBQ brisket, etc in my briefcase. lol. but Jalapenos are a possibilty!

      2. here's some options from my usual list of pick-ups when I'm in the states:

        - mountain dew (yours has caffeine, whereas ours in canada does not)
        - corn pops (totally different, and much tastier in the US - try some in Canada if you get a chance, they're god-awful), and cap'n crunch crunchberries...
        - bourbon (maker's mark, for instance, is about half the price in the US... and there are kinds you guys have that we don't)
        - nutter butter cookies!

        and we can get jalapenos here!

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            definitely 2nd this but i think my friends would have to say that southern candymakers is better.

          2. I have no idea what they have or don't have in Canada, but here is a place that has some very unusual pickled vegetables, jams, jellies, jerky, etc. Tons of stuff and it is in Texas:


            Enjoy browsing the site.

            1. My first instinct when I think of things that I can't find here: Muir Glen canned tomatoes, which I've heard raves about but are damn near impossible to find, in my neck of the woods anyway.

              This is one of those things where I can't think of any specific examples right now... but I'll wake up at 3 AM and think "Oh my God! (nameoffood)!"

              What does your friend like, food-wise? Any idea?

                1. What about Aretha Frankensteins Pancake Mix? I order a case for Christmas presents - I saw it on AOL a few years ago and tried it. AWESOME. My friends called me for more.

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                    thanks guys so much for your repies! As to 'Whats for dinner' I have no idea what kind of food he likes.. he mentioned that he wanted Trix, but bleh.. I figured I can do better than that!

                    keep the suggestions coming, and thank you all for your input thus far!

                    1. re: chinkecheese

                      I'd give him the Trix and whatever else, but definitely the Trix if that is what he has a taste for. My in laws send us a beautiful gift package from Harry & David every year. I'm grateful, don't get me wrong but what I *really* want is the southwest stuff they take for granted like citrus and chilies.

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                        If he likes Trix, then sweet and fruity stuff is probably up his alley. I don't know if these are found in Canada but they're the closest food to Trix that I can think of. And hey, they do say "Boston"!


                      1. I live in Canada and when I come to the USA, I generally buy things that are related to the local cuisine of where I am visiting. So in the south, I'll buy grits and cornmeal muffin mixes, in New Mexico, I bought chile powder and green chile sauce, and wish I had bought some blue corn meal/flour. Also, there are a lot of mail order sites that either won't ship to Canada or the shipping cost is just too high. I'd love to try Penzey's spices but can't justify $60 in shipping. I wish I could try Zingerman's, or some of the specialty chocolate shops.

                        Also, since there's no Trader Joe's here, I buy anything at TJ that ships easily. Like coffee beans, condiments, etc.

                        There are the usual candy bars that we can't get -- like butterfingers, or specialty or flavoured cereals, so get him the Trix - that really is a treat for us, if you like it!