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Dec 12, 2009 09:05 AM

carlsbad (moved from LA board)

going to carlsbad alone for 2 days of business looking for great places for dinner cost is not important willing to travel a bit

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. re: mmjgam

        Market is a good choice.

        Pamplemousse is another


        Vigilucci's has 5 locations. I've eaten in Carlsbad and Encinitas often, sometimes it hit or miss

        Then there's Red Tracton's across from the Del Mar Racetrack.

        One place I'd avoid is Wolfgang Puck's Jai in La Jolla, at the La Jolla Playhouse, only two dinners there, but both were undistinguished. i think the restaurant's there only to serve the pre-theater crowd, certainly was empty when I once went at 8pm.

        1. re: toitoi

          Red Tracton is a great lunch spot as well. Sit at the bar, talk to Jimmy and order the "Gothic" sandwich. Its one of the best sandwiches in SD IMHO.

      2. Paon in Carlsbad. Everyone there is from Wine Seller and Brasserie, so you get high quality stuff. Tell Steve, the manager, that Otto sent you there, he'll take good care of you.