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Dec 12, 2009 08:40 AM

Rainbow Cookies

Almond paste and (usually) apricot preserves and the colors of the Italian Flag (if you pretend the yellow is white, that is), what's not to like? Hard to make and easy to eat. Anyone know where you can buy them, fresh, in Philly? I'm guessing that there's somewhere in the Italian Market but I'm not sure just where... Thanks, hounds!

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  1. Not sure, but I would try Isgro's or Termini's.

    1. No rainbow cookies at Termini's. DiBruno's had them a few years back but now the only place I see them is at Kibitz in the City, and they are just fair there (prepackaged from out of town), assuming we are talking about the same thing.

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      1. re: bluehensfan

        Kibitz in the City is closed now, anyway. Though they are supposedly going to reopen at some point in the future.

        1. re: barryg

          Whoops! I meant the Kibitz Room on Locust has the rainbow cookies...