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Dec 12, 2009 08:03 AM

Murphy's Beer Wanted in Toronto!

Hi there,
Does anyone know where/how I can buy Murphy's beer? The LCBO does not carry it - nor does the Beer Store. I live in Toronto, ON. :(

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  1. You'll never find it in bottles or cans. The only 2 places that I can remember having it ('cause I preferred it to Guinness) were Betty's (no longer) and The Horseshoe. I haven't been to the Horseshoe in a while so I can't verify its existence there.

    1. Murphy's is represented by Molson in Canada, and I guess they got tired of trying to do battle with Guinness, as it's not available in very many places at all.

      They had it on tap at Prohibition (Queen near Broadview) when I was there a year or so ago, so that might be worth a shot. And it can sometimes be found at Irish pubs, although that can be hit and miss.

      1. The Pilot has had Murphy's on tap in the past--haven't been there for a while, so I don't know whether that's still true, but it might be worth checking out.

        1. hope this helps:

          Clinton's - 693 Bloor St W
          James Joyce Irish Pub - 386 Bloor St.W
          Hoops - 458 Yonge St
          The Pilot - 22 Cumberland
          McVeigh's - 124 Church St
          Baton Rouge - 277 Front St W
          Prohibition Gastro Pub - 696 Queen St e.
          Auld Spot - 347 Danforth Ave
          The Hollywood - 1184 The Queensway
          The Keg - 927 Dixon Rd.

          1. Not Toronto, but I was driving through Streetsville in Mississauga last night and saw lots of Murphy's advertisements outside of Cuchulainn's Irish Pub.