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Dec 12, 2009 07:04 AM

Cafe Barcelona-Vancouver

I went back to Cafe Barcelona again last night and the food was just as delicious as it was last week. We ordered the same dishes: prawns in a garlic oil, patatas bravas, a dish of peppers, eggplant and onions cooked in olive oil and slathered with goat cheese, olives and a spanish omelette. All of it was delicious-sorry I don't have proper menu names for the items.... only item I added was dessert and espresso with a shot of bailey's (never had it this way-I liked it). The dessert (sorry I can't remember the name) was a tart/pie with an egg and almond marzipan type of taste but not as sweet which I loved (they showed us the whole pie before it was cut and it was beautiful-it looked like it was definitely made in house that day). The service was wonderful. I asked the server who is also the owner for a wine recommendation and got a really good one (Rioja, Campo Viejo Crianza 2006 for $37 I think). The owner/server was very kind and attentive. I will definitely come back to this restaurant for good food, friendly atmosphere, and relaxed European vibe-reminded me of Spain:).

BTW I took photos fmed but they are all pretty blurry so I didn't post:)!

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  1. sounds good, how are their price points? regular tapas portions?

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    1. re: vandan

      Tapas $3.50 - 11.50
      Pintxos $2 - 4 (smaller and served on toothpicks)

    2. No worries selena. It's tough to take good photos at these restaurants at night.

      1. Hello this is Cafe Barcelona posting. It's probably unusual that restaurants post here but we see it as an interaction with customers, I hope you guys don't mind. Thanks for your comments about Cafe Barcelona, all of them, good and bad, as they help us improve the service from your direct feedback.
        Just to give some extra info on what the dessert Selena had, it's called Tarta de Santiago, made by a Spanish woman in Vancouver.
        Thanks again for your feedback.

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        1. re: cafebcn

          I don't mind at all. Looking forward to checking it out. (Perhaps next week.)

          1. re: fmed

            Ditto. See you on the 29th :-).

          2. re: cafebcn

            Looking forward to checking you out on the 29th as well! Yeah!!!

          3. I had a very nice time at Cafe Barcelona last night. It felt more like a neighbourhood restaurant that you'll find on Commercial Dr or Kits than a "downtown" restaurant.

            The food was representative of small tapas and pintxos joints you would see in Spain. They are modifying the menu soon to get rid of the items the aren't selling (the mussels, and a couple of other things).

            I sampled the Octopus, Basque Sausage, Patatas Bravas, Anchovies in Vinegar, Tuna and Shrimp on baguettes, Serrano Ham, Machego and Membrillo. Washed it all down some quaffable Rioja (Campo Viejo Crianza 2006) and Temprenillo (Vina Albali Gran reserva 2001). Of note are the Spanish sausages (txistorra) which were slighly sweet and had floral/fruity undertones (pimento? cinnamon?); the anchovies marinated in vinegar; and the octopus. We didn't feel like dessert, but I will certainly be back for that. The service was warm, efficient and knowledgeable. The prices (including the wine markups) were very reasonable.

            I would like to see more Spanish wines on the winelist, and the overhead lights put on dimmers to enhance the ambiance. Overall the experience was very good. It's nice to see "authentic" tapas as opposed to the more common pan-Mediterranean fusiony stuff that you find all over the city.

            PS eatrustic and grayelf...the photos were taken with the Fuji F70EXR which performed admirably.

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            1. re: fmed

              Nice pix (hungry now, even though I just ate lunch). It does look mighty bright in there though -- I hope a retrofit to dimmers is an option...

              1. re: grayelf

                Ironically, the camera made the room look a lot brighter that it really was. Still - I did find that I would like it a bit darker to enhance the coziness. (Another note: PicasaWeb seems to be washing out the colour of all my photos. They look fine on my computer, but completely washed out when I look at them using the link above. This seems to be a relatively recent development.)

                1. re: fmed

                  I remember you mentioning that about Picasa -- bummer. Bravo to them for tweaking the menu right away and getting rid of the dogs -- brave and smart in this economy. I won't be ordering the mussels anyway :-) but I'm very keen to try some of the other dishes mentioned, particularly the patatas bravas. I remember when they were actually good at La Bodega -- gads, I'm old!

                  1. re: grayelf

                    My father wanted tapas for his birthday dinner, so off we went! I found it unremarkable. Nothing was bad ... needed a little salt, but many things do. Nothing was outstanding, either. Shrimp with garlic were fine - I expected a slightly bigger shrimp, but that's probably my inexperiece with tapas - patatas bravas nice and crispy but the tomato sauce and aioli pretty bland,;"tomato bread" with manchego was a piece of cold bread with an underripe tomato rubbed on it, then a slice of manchego laid atop; ham croquettes were well-fried, but lacked salt and HAM! My father seemed to enjoy his calamari - not something I could report on. My salad was also bland, with oily, unbalanced dressing and pink (ie. very underripe) tomatoes.

                    I'd like the place to do well - it's different - but the food needs some improvement, IMO.

                    1. re: misspastina

                      Thanks for the update misspastina. As many of you know, I recently queried about Spanish restaurants. A couple of CHers suggested Cafe Barcelona but with a couple of caveats. It doesn't sound like its improved much - looks like I'll be learning to cook Basque food (there are worse ways to spend ones time I suppose)