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Dec 12, 2009 06:29 AM

Oh! Pickles

A new vendor at area farmers markets called "Oh! Pickles" (I've seen it as Clarendon and Falls Church so far) is worth checking out if you like pickles.

I overheard the vendor saying the pickles are from NY, but I don't know the whole story or what the deal is really. All i know is the variety is great (maybe 10 or so kinds) and the samples are free. The bread and butter (amazing) and red hot pickles are standouts...pickled green tomatoes also good.

I'm no pickle expert, but I can't imagine they get much better.

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  1. I am a pickle fanatic, so upon seeing your post, I dashed over to Falls Church in time to buy a pint of their full sours. Very good, better than Ba Tampte, I think, and maybe as good as Don Herman's (from Ohio). I didn't taste the half-sours; maybe next week.

    I liked the bread and butter pickles just fine, but I prefer ones that have onion and turmeric in them.

    The guy said that come next spring or so they'll try to work up their own dilly beans, bell peppers, etc.

    Definitely a good addition to the market. Thanks much for the tip.

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    1. re: Gonzocook

      Is it at the Falls Church farmers market that you got them, GC? Any store? Be a good gift for a pickle fanatic I know.

      1. re: Dennis S

        Right, at the Farmers Market. I didn't ask where else they're selling them, but the original post mentions Clarendon, too. That market is held on Wednesdays, 2 to 7 pm at the Clarendon Metro station.

        The full sours (and I've eaten three since I got them home) have a nice crunch to them that I like. Perhaps it's because they're out of a barrel instead of a jar.

        1. re: Gonzocook

          Do they need to be refrigerated? loss of "Crunch" typically happens during a hot canning....