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Dec 12, 2009 06:10 AM

Scanpan copper pans - 6-Piece Fusion CS5 Saucepan Gift Set

I saw these pans on

Are these real copper pots as opposed to just a decorative layer? In particular, how thick is the copper? Since the interior is 18/10 and they are induction ready then there must be something going on inside which is not apparent from the advert.

If you know anything about them (even the weight of a pan) could you let me know.

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  1. I have a Scanpan CS5 Small Roasting Pan.
    BTW, it's 13-3/4-Inch-by-9-1/4, not 4X4 as the URL suggests.

    The total wall thickness is 3mm. The pan is thick and heavy, and the copper layer seems pretty thick to me. Scanpan is a good manufacturer from Demark, and I love my roasting pan - it's very hard to find a quality "petite" roasting pan other than the All Clad. However, like the All Clad roasting pan, mine was made in China (under Scanpan's supervision, so they say).

    I don't know if the other CS5 is made in China (roasting pans may be atypical, a la the All Clad), and whether or not that makes a difference to you, but they are NOT induction ready. The FUSION 5 line is induction-ready but the FUSION CS5 (copper) line isn't. Perhaps that's why they're not making the CS5 anymore.

    They're also not making the non-copper Fusion 5 line anymore, either.
    This is Scanpan's official US distributor. You're probably not interested anymore, but they're pretty good at answering questions by email. At least they were when I got my CS5 roasting pan from them a couple years ago.

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    1. re: philly888

      Thanks you for your time and effort. I am still interested. I was using the information supplied on the my link that said they could be used on induction, which confused me as the only materials they mentioned were copper and 18/10 SS, neither of which work with induction.

      It seems that you recommend them, so the $200 deal for the three pans looks reasonable.

      1. re: Paulustrious

        I had originally ordered a Fusion 5 roasting pan, and I was sent the Fusion CS5 by mistake. It was so beautiful looking that I decided to keep it. However, to keep it beautiful I have to clean the outside, because the copper darkens under heat. If you're familiar with copper, then you know this, but anyone who isn't should know that they're more work to keep clean. I only use a roasting pan occasionally, so I don't mind. However, if I were rich and wanted some Mauvier copper, for example, I don't know if I'd think it was worth the extra work to keep clean for everyday use. I'd say the same for this Scanpan cookware. But it is beautiful, and IMO very good, and that's a terrific bargain price.

        1. re: philly888

          I use my (3) copper pans every day. Unlike you I am a copper slut. The outside is washed, but I let it take the patina of whatever acidic ingredient I last used that dribbled down the side. So for me function dominates form.

          But I do like the way copper cooks, so less likely to burn something as I reduce it.

    2. I have a different Scanpan line, but I've been impressed with them as a manufacturer. The Danish know what they're doing ... and hopefully that includes overseeing Chinese production ;)

      1. Paul,

        It is a mis-adverstisement. Fusion 5 and Fusion CS5 are five-ply cookware. Fusion 5 is much like All-Clad. It has 18/0 exterior, 3 layers of aluminum, and 18/10 interior., therefore induction ready. Fusion CS5 is copper exterior, 3 layers of aluminum and 18/10 interior. (Information I gather from The three layers of aluminum is the real heat distribution material.

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        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Thanks CK, I can always depend on you to do my homework.