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Dec 12, 2009 05:52 AM

Please HELP! Making pulled pork

OK so I am attempting to make pulled pork for the first time....It is a little over 6 lbs of meat and in the directions I had originally seen I thought I had seen to leave it uncovered. I made me own rub and put it into the oven at 275. It has been in there for 3 hours now and I am going over bbq recipes and noticed that in most of the ones I have seen it says to cover with foil. Should I take it out at this point and cover my roasting pan or leave it alone? Also, how long do you think I should have it in there for at 275? 6-7 hours?

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  1. Sure, cover it. Wouldn't want it to dry out.

    1. Does the meat pull apart yet? Probably not yet...

      Go ahead & cover it. It will take a few more hours & covering it will help it braise. The recipe I use calls for a 4 lb boneless & it braises for 3-3 1/2 hours at 325 degrees (after it's well browned on the stovetop). It calls to be covered the whole time.

      If you feel it's a little too dried out, just add more sauce.

      1. When I see "pulled pork" I automatically assume Pork Butt, Boston Butt etc...Is this what you have??????? Or some other cut????

        Assuming you have pork butt,,,there is no need to cover (foil). There is enough internal fat to keep the meat moist...Left un-foiled your rub will firm up and make a crust... "bark"...Highly prized in BBQed or oven roasted pork butts for flavor. Personally I would reduce your oven to 225*-250* to slow things down just a bit....I cook meat by temperature.. not by the clock..You are looking for at least 195* internal temperature in the thickest part to be pullable...Then let it rest 30 minutes before pulling....That being said...you can expect 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours per pound as a guide line. HTH

        Have Fun & Enjoy!!!

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          Thank you all for the replies. It is a pork shoulder.

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            Then steady as she goes...Give it time to cook...Your patience will be rewarded!!!!


        2. I leave mine uncovered - that way there are delicious brown crispy bits for me to snack on when i'm pulling it.

          I can honestly say that I've never timed a pork roast, I plan for it to be in the oven all day and I cook it...till it's done. 6 hours sounds about right, though.

          1. I wouldn't cover it...in fact I never do and have never had it come out dry. For real pulled pork you definitely don't want the meat to steam or braise.

            And Uncle Bob is right...take the heat down to 250F and let the meat reach an internal of 190F. The results will be worth the wait, however long it takes.