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Dec 12, 2009 05:18 AM

birthday dinner in Lambertville area

We are thinking about going to Deanna's to celebrate my birthday, but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for somewhere else in the Lambertville/New Hope area. I would like someplace that is not stuffy or exceedingly expensive. We will have a party of 6 and sushi and french are out. I have been to Deanna's and like the food there, but would like to try someplace different. Thanks!!

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  1. Hamilton Grill Room is a good option in Lambertville, as well as No. 9 and Manon. Those are our top 3 BYO's in Lambertville. Cafe Galleria is another good BYO, but small. We usualy go there for lunch. If you just want to do drinks and apps, check out Anton's at The Swan's bar. Nothing at all wrong with Deanna's either! -mJ

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      I'd go with Hamilton's Gril Room.

    2. I'm not a fan of Deanna's, basically because I feel like you can get that kind of food at the same quality level pretty much anywhere else for cheaper. I go to Lambertville a lot, but I think I'm decidedly down market - mostly I'm in the neighborhood pubs. That said, I really enjoy the Inn of the Hawke. The building is historic, the service is friendly, the bar is nice despite the tvs, and the food is usually pretty good, sometimes out of the park. I always enjoy myself there and always leave full. I would say though to avoid any of the dishes that seem a little "out there" - sometimes the cooks get experimental. The menu varies from day to day, and that is generally a pretty cool thing (never gets boring), but sometimes the experiments fall flat.

      Another place I just "discovered" is Bell's Tavern, another local pub at the exact opposite end of town. Cheap, excellent, old-school American-style Italian food, with an impressive beer menu. I had a delicious bruschetta there, as well as some great linguine marinara. Moreover, my friends and I enjoyed ourselves immensely while we were there.

      Both of these places have a fun, personable atmosphere, so if you're looking to just have a casual good time with your friends and have some tasty food and beer, these spots fit the bill.