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Dec 12, 2009 01:44 AM

Identify this street food

I ate a ton of this stuff in Beijing and want to blog about it, but don't know what it is! It was like deep fried bread with some sort of spread on it (eggplant maybe?) with a dash of sesame seeds and scallions on top.

Anyone recognize this? Can you tell me anything about it?

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  1. the picture isn't very clear, plus there's no close up of the actual product, so its hard to say. From the look of it, it could be a giant 肉饼 (I guess the best translation is "meat pie") or maybe a vegetable filling, but for that, the "spread" would be inside, not on top.

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    1. in sichuan we just call it 'da bing' and it is considered a northern food. The sauce used down here is pretty spicy though. I think they would use a peanut, sesame, or tianmianjiang based sauce for it.

      1. The woman in the photo looks Tibetan to me, with those big red cheeks grown slightly paler from not drinking so much yak butter tea in Beijing. I would imagine that is a large scallion pancake, even if there is not much scallion inside.

        1. Sorry, here are a few more pics.

          There definitely was nothing inside, just a spread and sesame seeds on top.

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            That's a lot more clear, its a variation on a "Chinese pizza", though they are typically grilled and not chopped up but served round (about 6 inches or so). They were a massive craze a few years back and could be found everywhere for 6 months or so and then they suddenly disappeared for the most part. They are called 掉渣饼 and the topping is typically a mixture of minced beef, scallions, salt, 5 spice powder, cumin powder (and/or seeds), and sometimes red pepper powder and/or sesame seeds.

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              Thanks! I was looking around for info and found pictures of those Chinese pizzas online but they didn't look the same so I thought they weren't related. It was very interesting--had I been served it somewhere else I never would have guessed it was Chinese, it really did seem like some sort of California Italian fusion snack.

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                Thanks for the help, all! The rest of the pictures are here: