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Dec 11, 2009 08:19 PM

oxbow market, rancho gordo, and??

i'll be driving (i80) from sf up to the oxbow market / fatted calf / model bakery in napa and stopping by the rancho gordo store tomorrow afternoon. i've been to the oxbow et al. once before (my sister and i bought so much at fatted calf that we were comped a package of lamb chops...), but this will be my first time at rancho gordo. i'll probably stop by berkeley bowl on my way back home. where else nearby/along the way should i go? i'm looking for shops where i can get items to go (don't really want to sit down and eat anywhere - unless there is something amazing!). thanks!

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      thanks for the link! i'm a bit embarrassed that that post didn't show up in my search results since my question was pretty similar. well, due to several delays (lots of accidents due to the rain today) i just stuck to my original plan above. hopefully next time there will be time for some tasty detours.

      i stopped by whole spice in oxbow and picked up some smoked sea salt and instant espresso granules. just last week i had a chocolate (maybe it was a caramel?) that was topped with smoked sea salt, and i just thought it smelled amazing. i'm planning to use the espresso to make some homemade bailey's.

      fatted calf had some nice looking porchetta (~$14/# uncooked, ~$15/# cooked), but i opted for a ham hock (for my new years black eyed peas in a few weeks!), some pate maison, and a garlic sausage. no free lamb chops this time...

      at model i got a french boule, small batard of harvest fruit bread (has fruit and nuts), and a small batard of a pear, white wine, and walnut bread. i had some of the pear bread with aged gouda tonight, since that's the only cheese i have right now, and it wasn't a bad combo.

      rancho gordo had several varieties of beans for sale in 1 pound pouches, most for $5/#. i picked up a few bags for my sister who goes gaga over their beans, but i've never eaten them myself. i also grabbed a few bags of crimson popping corn ($3/#) to give away as gifts. i'm keeping a bag of the sangre de toro beans for myself.

      1. re: lschow

        If you can get your hands on some duck fat, you will not do RG's Crimson Popping Corn a disservice by using the duck fat instead of standard popping oil...