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Dec 11, 2009 07:52 PM

Polyscience smoking gun?

Anyone have the Polyscience smoking gun?

I just got one, and I'm pretty excited, and I'm just curious how folks have used theirs. What have people used - wood chips/sawdust, herbs, tea, etc? Do you generally use it on raw meats or already cooked?

I'm looking forward to experimenting . . . any thoughts/guidance is much appreciated.

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  1. Cool!
    Find tips and techniques, videos, pictures, comments from users of the Smoking Gun in this post:

    Also, don't miss these video demonstrations of PolyScience

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    1. I infuse raw meat with a liquid smoke marinade. This Polyscience smoking gun works best, IMO, for smoking cooked meats immediately prior to serving (while the meat is resting before carving)

      1. Bumping in hopes of more good suggestions.
        I just started playing with this yesterday, I'm trying to find herbs/spices/other things that smoke well, I haven't had much luck. I did get lavender to smoke nicely, but it also made me want to puke.

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        1. re: AndrewK512

          Have you been using dried or fresh herbs? I wonder about mixing in some sawdust/woodchips, just to serve as kindling, more or less.

          Also, their instructional videos seem to suggest using the gun to infuse smoke into marinades - I may try this weekend, I'm curious if it could be a good way to impart some smoke flavor throughout meat in a more lasting or penetrative way.

        2. I just got one for fathers day. I've used it twice already and love it. I grilled a hanger steak and some shiitakes, then smoked the mushrooms, chopped them and served them on top of the steak. Tonight, I made a salad of smoked cherry tomatoes, shallot, basil, olive oil and parmigiano. It was delicious. So far I've only used hickory chips. Anybody else have any recommendations on how to use this?

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          1. re: donovt

            I've used it to apply to delicate foods which would be difficult to cold smoke in small quantities (e.g. shellfish). I've also used it to "cheat" on oven ribs (no smoker). Have a friend who used it to add a smoke element to a chocolate dessert.