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Dec 11, 2009 06:15 PM

Buche de noel tips?

I am going to be making a buche de noel and Im concerned about it falling apart. Does anyone have any tips to prevent this from happening?

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  1. I'm about to head to bed, but I've made seven or so of them over the years, and will post details tomorrow. Do you have JC's The Way to Cook? And/or what recipe are you using? I posted my latest results here:

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    1. re: MMRuth I think.. I wanted it gingerbread, but I think Ill change the icing and will decorate it up with some sugared cranberries etc.

    2. Falling apart how? Unrolling? I make one every year, and have never had an issue...

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          It's not much of a trick, but the only trick I know is being gentle - Watch the timing of the baking like a hawk - it should be cooked, but just barely, and then immediately rolled. As long as I take it slow and carefully, I've never had a problem with the rolling. I did rip it once when unrolling only because I hadn't fully dusted the towel - a dry corner stuck to the cake and tore when I tried to yank the towel off.

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            Thank you everyone, I feel a lot better now. The recipe here that I am planning on using.. do you think it looks right? Are the baking temps/ time etc what you are used to?

      1. I can only vouch for the recipe in RLB's Cake Bible, but like thursday I've never had trouble. The genoise it calls for is actually surprisingly forgiving. Plus, if it cracks you can just ice over it :) One suggestion is to draw on the "bark" with the tines of a fork-- not a new idea, I know, but new to me last year and it worked sooo well.

        1. Previous true. The ganache covers all sins including the cracks in the cake. I'm not a perfect baker...but mine always turns out beautifully. I love the little mushrooms...dusting of powdered sugar for snow...surround with evergreen sprigs or ivy for the platter. I'm making one next Saturday for a holiday party...